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american president throwing a cup at the wall | DALL·E

Midjourney Documentation and User Guide

(1) Midjourney (@midjourney) / Twitter

(5) ELBO AI (@max_elbo) / Twitter

(1) Somnai (@Somnai_dreams) / Twitter

(5) garlic 🧄 (@garlicml) / Twitter


(1) gandamu on Twitter: “In cooperation with @Somnai_dreams … ✨Introducing Disco Diffusion v5 with 3D animation (sample below). It makes use of a weighted mixture of AdaBins and MiDaS depth estimation models. Try it here (Colab):” / Twitter

The Documentation has Moved - Midjourney Documentation


Photorealistic Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Humans Wearing Clothing

Software Engineering at Google

Mathematics for Machine Learning | Companion webpage to the book “Mathematics for Machine Learning”. Copyright 2020 by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong. Published by Cambridge University Press.

Open-source data multitool | VisiData

[1706.10239] Towards Understanding Generalization of Deep Learning: Perspective of Loss Landscapes

David Mueller - Computer Science PhD Candidate

Evolving Stuff: Animated Fitness Landscapes

MasterBin-IIAU/Unicorn: [ECCV’22 Oral] Towards Grand Unification of Object Tracking

wandb/wandb: 🔥 A tool for visualizing and tracking your machine learning experiments. This repo contains the CLI and Python API.

kenjihiranabe/The-Art-of-Linear-Algebra: Graphic notes on Gilbert Strang’s “Linear Algebra for Everyone”

CompVis/stable-diffusion: A latent text-to-image diffusion model

Ask HN: In 2022, what is the proper way to get into machine/deep learning? | Hacker News

(281) Voyage through Time - a Generative AI journey - YouTube

(5) Andrej Karpathy on Twitter: ”Dramatically greater creativity of AI art is possible when the model weights are available, creates opportunities for arbitrary experiments (e.g. my steampunk NN video, or work of @xsteenbrugge, @genekogan, @runwayml +many others), many other objectives / optimization styles.” / Twitter

(5) Xander Steenbrugge (@xsteenbrugge) / Twitter

(5) Gene Kogan (@genekogan) / Twitter

(5) Runway (@runwayml) / Twitter

Experience your sound | WZRD

Craiyon, formerly DALL-E mini

How Imagen Actually Works

Build Your Own Imagen Text-to-Image Model

AssemblyAI-Examples/MinImagen: MinImagen: A minimal implementation of the Imagen text-to-image model

TensorFlow Lite | ML for Mobile and Edge Devices

mattn/zig-tflite: Zig binding for TensorFlow Lite

MosaicML | Home

1 week of Stable Diffusion |

Log in | StabilityAI

stability-ai/stable-diffusion – Run with an API on Replicate

Diffuse The Rest - a Hugging Face Space by huggingface


CompVis/latent-diffusion: High-Resolution Image Synthesis with Latent Diffusion Models


altryne/awesome-ai-art-image-synthesis: A list of awesome tools, ideas, prompt engineering tools, colabs, models, and helpers for the prompt designer playing with aiArt and image synthesis. Covers Dalle2, MidJourney, StableDiffusion, and open source tools.

lstein/stable-diffusion: This version of CompVis/stable-diffusion features an interactive command-line script that combines text2img and img2img functionality in a “dream bot” style interface, a WebGUI, and multiple features and other enhancements.

promptoMANIA: AI art community with prompt generator

A Short Chronology Of Deep Learning For Tabular Data

unifyai/ivy: The Unified Machine Learning Framework

Ivy - The Unified Machine Learning Framework

Greater creative control for AI image generation


DreamFusion: Text-to-3D using 2D Diffusion

Human Motion Diffusion Model


Streams | Musico


threedle/text2mesh: 3D mesh stylization driven by a text input in PyTorch


GET3D: A Generative Model of High Quality 3D Textured Shapes Learned from Images

Kaedim - AI for turning 2D images to 3D models

Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment Human Intelligence

divamgupta/stable-diffusion-tensorflow: Stable Diffusion in TensorFlow / Keras

AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI

sd-webui/stable-diffusion-webui at dev

invoke-ai/InvokeAI: This version of CompVis/stable-diffusion features an interactive command-line script that combines text2img and img2img functionality in a “dream bot” style interface, a WebGUI, and multiple features and other enhancements.

High-performance image generation using Stable Diffusion in KerasCV

How and why stable diffusion works for text to image generation :: Päpper’s Machine Learning Blog — This blog features state of the art applications in machine learning with a lot of PyTorch samples and deep learning code. You will learn about neural network optimization and potential insights for artificial intelligence for example in the medical domain.

lkwq007/stablediffusion-infinity: Outpainting with Stable Diffusion on an infinite canvas

Stable Diffusion - Wikipedia




Generate photo-realistic images from text using Stable Diffusion |



MubertAI/Mubert-Text-to-Music: A simple notebook demonstrating prompt-based music generation via Mubert API

Mubert - Thousands of Staff-Picked Royalty-Free Music Tracks for Streaming, Videos, Podcasts, Commercial Use and Online Content

Mubert Text-to-Music First Demo - YouTube

Mubert-Text-to-Music/Mubert_Text_to_Music.ipynb at main · MubertAI/Mubert-Text-to-Music

Mubert-Text-to-Music/Deforum_Stable_Diffusion_Mubert.ipynb at main · MubertAI/Mubert-Text-to-Music

Stretch iPhone to its Limit, a 2GiB Model that can Draw Everything in Your Pocket

AI Demos | NVIDIA Research

huggingface/safetensors: Simple, safe way to store and distribute tensors


bjourne/musicgen: Music generation using neural networks

MIMIC Project

Civitai | Stable Diffusion models, embeddings, hypernetworks and more

The Model Hub

Models - Hugging Face

Stable Diffusion Web UI - a Hugging Face Space by camenduru

Stable Diffusion Web UI Docker - a Hugging Face Space by camenduru

camenduru (camenduru) / Repositories

camenduru | Twitter, Twitch | Linktree

ddPn08/automatic1111-colab: Using StableDiffusion webui on Colab


XavierXiao/Dreambooth-Stable-Diffusion: Implementation of Dreambooth ( with Stable Diffusion

TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffusion: fast-stable-diffusion + DreamBooth

fast stable diffusion wiki · Excalibro1/fast-stable-diffusionwik Wiki

fast-DreamBooth.ipynb - Colaboratory


Art-Science | Champalimaud Foundation

Metamersion: Latent Spaces | Champalimaud Foundation



deforum-art/deforum-for-automatic1111-webui: Deforum extension script for AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion webui

deforum/deforum_stable_diffusion – Run with an API on Replicate

huemin-art (huemin-art) / Repositories


andreasjansson/fmsynth: Implicit neural differentiable FM synthesizer

Log In | DeviantArt


Accompanying Website for Synthesizer Sound Matching with Differentiable DSP (ISMIR2021) | DiffSynthISMIR

Matthew Butterick

Stable Diffusion litigation · Joseph Saveri Law Firm & Matthew Butterick

Have I Been Trained?

Gen-2 by Runway


mlc-ai/web-stable-diffusion: Bringing stable diffusion models to web browsers. Everything runs inside the browser with no server support.

AI Art Generator – Adobe Firefly

Adobe made an AI image generator - The Verge

Text2Room: Extracting Textured 3D Meshes from 2D Text-to-Image Models

Generative Manim · Streamlit

Runway - Everything you need to make anything you want.

(90) demonflyingfox - YouTube

Stable Diffusion copyright lawsuits could be a legal earthquake for AI | Ars Technica

AI photo sorter

(1) Zain Kahn on Twitter: “ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg. 1,000+ AI tools were released in March. Here are the 10 most valuable AI tools to boost your productivity:” / Twitter

AI Index Report 2023 – Artificial Intelligence Index

Adobe Firefly beta - Adobe Support Community

Adobe Firefly (Beta)



Fix "imports" with wildcard · Issue #1402 · oven-sh/bun

Home Page - Wonder Dynamics

lllyasviel/ControlNet: Let us control diffusion models!

twitter/the-algorithm: Source code for Twitter’s Recommendation Algorithm

twitter/the-algorithm-ml: Source code for Twitter’s Recommendation Algorithm

Home | My Site 4

An introduction to zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML)

Segment Anything | Meta AI

facebookresearch/segment-anything: The repository provides code for running inference with the SegmentAnything Model (SAM), links for downloading the trained model checkpoints, and example notebooks that show how to use the model.

Generative Modeling by Estimating Gradients of the Data Distribution | Yang Song

What are Diffusion Models? | Lil’Log


Guidance: a cheat code for diffusion models – Sander Dieleman

Generating music in the waveform domain – Sander Dieleman

Musings on typicality – Sander Dieleman

Maze Guru - To be an Art guru by Texting | AI painting


Our approach to AI safety

Xircuits | Xircuits

Spline - Design tool for 3D web browser experiences

Spline AI - 3D Design faster with AI.


Plask: AI-powered image generation tool



Decoherence - Make AI Music Videos

Microsoft Designer - Stunning designs in a flash

Future Tools - Find The Exact AI Tool For Your Needs

Maroofy - Brace Yourself Jason

Align your Latents: High-Resolution Video Synthesis with Latent Diffusion Models

the morning paper | a random walk through Computer Science research, by Adrian Colyer


deepfloyd_if_free_tier_google_colab.ipynb - Colaboratory

Microsoft Designer - Stunning designs in a flash

ImageBind by Meta AI

ImageBind: Holistic AI learning across six modalities

Google AI PaLM 2 – Google AI


Modding Age of Empires II with a Sprite-Diffuser – ENGINE


Paper page - Drag Your GAN: Interactive Point-based Manipulation on the Generative Image Manifold