WebAssembly Zig


fubark/cosmic: A platform for computing and creating applications.

fubark/zig-v8: Simple V8 builds with C and Zig bindings.


fabioarnold/nanovg-zig: A small anti-aliased hardware-accelerated vector graphics library


blend2d/blend2d: 2D Vector Graphics Engine Powered by a JIT Compiler

hexops/mach: Mach is a game engine & graphics toolkit for the future.

MasterQ32/zero-graphics: Application framework based on OpenGL ES 2.0. Runs on desktop machines, Android phones and the web

iddev5 (Ayush)



jedisct1/witx-codegen: WITX code and documentation generator for AssemblyScript, Zig, Rust and more.

CalmSystem/wala: It aims to be for WASM what YAML is for JSON. Programming language targetting WebAssembly. Human friendly WAT

leroycep/zig-wasm-assets: A playground to study loading game assets in the browser from Zig


williamstein/zig-wasm-json-bridge: How to use JSON to send data back and forth between a Javascript runtime and a ZIG library


alichay/zig-wasm3: Zig bindings and build system for

wasm-zig/main.zig at main · zigwasm/wasm-zig

zigwasm/wasmtime-zig: Zig embedding of Wasmtime

zigwasm/wasmer-zig: Zig bindings for the Wasmer WebAssembly runtime

malcolmstill/zware: Zig WebAssembly Runtime Engine

fengb/wazm: Web Assembly Zig Machine

Use case: Web support using Emscripten · Issue #10836 · ziglang/zig

daneelsan/zig-wasm-logger: A simple implementation of console.log() in Zig + JS + Wasm

daneelsan/zig-wefx: WEFX is a simple graphics drawing package using Zig, WASM, and an HTML canvas.

daneelsan/Dodgeballz: A mini game using Zig, WASM and JS

daneelsan/minimal-zig-wasm-canvas: A minimal example showing how HTML5’s canvas, wasm memory and zig can interact.

floooh/pacman.zig: Simple Pacman clone written in Zig.

sleibrock/zigtoys: All about Zig + WASM and seeing what we can do

WebAssembly With Zig, Pt. II - DEV Community

WebAssembly with Zig, Part 1 - DEV Community

Zig + WASM / Yuri Vishnevsky | Observable

cosmic/graphics at master · fubark/cosmic · GitHub

cosmic/ui at master · fubark/cosmic · GitHub