FastVM/minivm: A VM That is Dynamic and Fast

megadose/holehe: holehe allows you to check if the mail is used on different sites like twitter, instagram and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function.

Who Wrote This Shit? | Hacker News

Why I went back to using a ThinkPad from 2012 | Hacker News

_Application.Run(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object | Hacker News

XMPP: The secure communication protocol that respects privacy | Hacker News

See how DMARC, SPF, and DKIM work interactively | Hacker News

Ask HN: How to learn about text editor architectures and implementations? | Hacker News

Making Open Source economy more viable with dual license collectives | Hacker News

Proposal to add build graph output to GNU Make (2020) | Hacker News

It is difficult for the average person to conceive of how useless NFTs are | Hacker News

Toshiba T1100 – the laptop that was named a milestone of electronic engineering | Hacker News

Health care is turning into a consumer product | Hacker News

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Brain-Computer-Interface to Measure Biosignals | Hacker News

State of the Web: Deno | Hacker News

Blockchain-based systems are not what they say they are | Hacker News

Bitcoin mining is being banned in countries across the globe | Hacker News

Saving a Third of Our Memory by Re-Ordering Go Struct Fields (2020) | Hacker News

Dev corrupts NPM libs ‘colors’ and ‘faker’, breaking thousands of apps | Hacker News

What the World Will Be Like in a Hundred Years (1922) | Hacker News

Google fined €150M, Facebook €60M for for non-compliance with French legislation | Hacker News is shutting down its article recommendations service | Hacker News

My Many Girlfriends | Hacker News

Minecraft as a Kubernetes admin tool | Hacker News

Hello, Youki | Hacker News

How programmers make sure that their software is correct | Hacker News

Best Pens for 2022: Gel, Ballpoint, Rollerball, and Fountain Pens | Hacker News

Washed Up | Hacker News

Inviting another GitHub user to be your successor | Hacker News

Ask HN: I’m New to Computer Science and Engineering. Any Advice? | Hacker News

The lost art of recovery for healing | Hacker News

You Don’t Need a Mentor–Find a Nemesis Instead | Hacker News

IPv6-ghost-ship: Using TOTP as part of an AWS EC2 IPv6 address | Hacker News

Best Paper Awards in Computer Science over the past 25 years | Hacker News

YK22 bug causing Honda clocks to stop working | Hacker News

Profiling linkers

I Miss RSS | Hacker News

The Wails Project | Wails

Svelte SaaS: The SaaS Template for SvelteKit

Programming in 1987 versus Today | Hacker News

Understanding UUIDs, ULIDs and string representations | Hacker News

The UX on this small child is terrible | Hacker News

Neural network from scratch | Hacker News

Neural Network From Scratch

eriklindernoren/ML-From-Scratch: Machine Learning From Scratch. Bare bones NumPy implementations of machine learning models and algorithms with a focus on accessibility. Aims to cover everything from linear regression to deep learning.

The weight of the clipboard | Hacker News

Ditto clipboard manager

Clipboard Manager for Windows - Tech Tool Tidbit

Leetcode has taught me that I’m a bad engineer | Hacker News

My Personal Note Taking Journey | Hacker News

phonetonote | my personal note taking journey

Dark Crystal | Hacker News

What Would Feynman Do? (2011) | Hacker News

Where have you gone, Peter Norton? (2014) | Hacker News

Schneegans/Burn-My-Windows: 🔥 Disintegrate your apps with style.

No Way to Grow Up | Hacker News

Elizabeth Holmes found guilty | Hacker News

PortableGL: An implementation of OpenGL 3.x-ish in clean C | Hacker News

rswinkle/PortableGL: An implementation of OpenGL 3.x-ish in clean C

Porting Rust’s std to rustix · sunfishcode’s blog

bytecodealliance/rustix: Safe Rust bindings to POSIX-ish APIs

redox-os/relibc: Mirror of

How Video Streaming Processing Works | Hacker News

Ask HN: Let’s build an HN uBlacklist to improve our Google search results? | Hacker News

Android in Docker without QEMU/emulator | Hacker News

remote-android/redroid-doc: docs about ReDroid projects

Arm-Based 128-Core Ampere CPUs Cost a Fraction of x86 Price | Hacker News

How to mentor software engineers

The joy of building a ray tracer, for fun, in Rust. // flurries of latent creativity

dps/rust-raytracer: 🔭 A simple ray tracer in Rust 🦀

slightknack/keikan: An elegant (imo) rendering engine written in Rust.


Ledger – the first peer-reviewed journal on blockchains and cryptocurrencies | Hacker News

Vanta.js: Animated 3D backgrounds for websites | Hacker News

Vanta.js - Animated 3D Backgrounds For Your Website

Using a mild Twitter addiction to get things done | Hacker News

DaedalOS: Desktop Environment in the Browser | Hacker News

AaronOS | Hacker News

zriyans/awesome-OS: A collection of all big and small open-source projects and clones of Linux, Windows, and macOS operating system and their software.

Power, frequency, management: how M1 E cores win | Hacker News

“Fast Kernel Headers” Tree -v1: Eliminate the Linux Kernel’s “Dependency Hell” | Hacker News

Gameboy CT scan – design lessons learned | Hacker News

WinWorld: Library

Ultra High Resolution Photo of Night Watch (2022) | Hacker News

Write Like You Code | Hacker News

Zotero: Free, easy-to-use tool to collect, organize, cite, and share research | Hacker News

Zotero | Your personal research assistant

coding-horror/basic-computer-games: An updated version of the classic “Basic Computer Games” book, with well-written examples in a variety of common programming languages

lapce/lapce: Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor written in Rust

Add Asset - Trust Developer

Bugswriter/notflix: Notflix is a shell script to search and stream torrent.

bkaradzic/bgfx: Cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, “Bring Your Own Engine/Framework” style rendering library.

danielyxie/bitburner: Bitburner Game

Ten Years of Logging My Life | Hacker News

GoboLinux - the alternative Linux distribution

‘Hard’ skills from our PhDs remain relevant beyond academia | Hacker News

Godot CLI and libs to accelerate your dev (MIT repo) | Hacker News

Prince of Persia in JavaScript | Hacker News

LuaTeX Comes of Age (2017) | Hacker News

France’s Jean Zay supercomputer now has an integrated photonic coprocessor | Hacker News

The mystery of the small dimensionless number with a big effect | Hacker News

FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps | Hacker News

The purpose of DRM is not to prevent copyright violations (2013) | Hacker News

Interactive zero knowledge 3-colorability demonstration | Hacker News

Mocking Bird – Realtime Voice Clone for Chinese | Hacker News

Apple said to be preparing for iPhones without SIM card slot in 2022 | Hacker News

Swarm consensus [pdf] | Hacker News

C Is Not a Low-level Language (2018) | Hacker News

A Zimbabwean archaeologist reimagines the story of an African civilisation | Hacker News

DIY Mail | Hacker News

Rust: Experimental real-time global illumination renderer | Hacker News

Ask HN: How to find a job in 2021 if I dislike remote? | Hacker News

Lua’s Development Style (2008) | Hacker News

Systems Software Research is Irrelevant (2000) [pdf] | Hacker News

/tap – Powerful and customizable note-taking system | Hacker News

Fun Things You Can Do With 😎 - DEV Community

WikiLens - Visual Studio Marketplace

austinvhuang/openmemex: Open source, local-first knowledge platform.

Upnotes - A open standard notes app for software developers

Ask HN: What’s the best book you read in 2021? | Hacker News

Entire website in a single HTML file | Hacker News

re:Clojure Conference 2021 - Day 1 - YouTube

Kagi Search

Apple to Apple Comparison: M1 Max vs. Intel | Hacker News

Be curious, not judgmental | Hacker News

SpeedCrunch | Hacker News

Ask HN: Those making $500/month on side projects in 2021 – Show and tell | Hacker News

Cornell McRay T’Racing | Hacker News

Ten Years of Logging My Life | Hacker News

A stochastic method to generate the Sierpinski triangle | Hacker News

HyperNeRF | Hacker News

Lua: Good, Bad, and Ugly Parts | Hacker News

CPM MagnaCut | Hacker News

Knock Knock Who’s There? – An NSA VM | Hacker News

Why Is C Faster Than Java (2009) | Hacker News

Ubisoft deleted account with hundreds of dollars’ worth of games for inactivity | Hacker News

The Star – Arthur C. Clarke (1967) [pdf] | Hacker News

The absurdity of renting a car will no longer be tolerated | Hacker News

A Tumblr developer on the App Store approval process | Hacker News

Ontario bans non-competes and creates right to disconnect from work | Hacker News

There’s an ARM Cortex-M4 with Bluetooth inside a Covid test kit | Hacker News

Control as Liability | Hacker News

Ask HN: Good Python projects to read for modern Python? | Hacker News

Control as Liability | Hacker News

Raytracing diamonds | Hacker News

A New Coefficient of Correlation | Hacker News

The psychological drama of the world chess championship | Hacker News

Beyond RISC – The Post-RISC Architecture (1996) | Hacker News

louisfb01/best_AI_papers_2021: A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code. [work in progress]

Where do I start? - The Senior Solidity Engineer’s Book

Twitter’s founder admits that shutting down the API was “worst thing we did” | Hacker News

DeepMind’s new AI with a memory outperforms algorithms 25 times its size | Hacker News

Hidden Networks in TP-Link Routers | Hacker News

Isolating Xwayland in a VM | Hacker News

Home | ¯(ツ)/¯

Ripcord: Desktop Chat Client

Building a new Windows 3.1 app in 2019: A Slack Client | Hacker News

Volt | 300 KB desktop client for Slack, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and more

A Quadrillion Mainframes on Your Lap | Hacker News

Tuple: The best pair programming tool on macOS

We’re building a Linux client!

Pop | Home

English has been my pain for 15 years (2013) | Hacker News

Ask HN: Startup acquired by a large company and it sucks. What to do? | Hacker News

Toddlers are harsh judges of moral character | Hacker News

Stealth bomber in flight on Google Maps | Hacker News

Build retro games using WebAssembly for a fantasy console | Hacker News

Lunar - Change monitor brightness, volume, input and colors

A mental model for decentralization | Hacker News

New EU data blockage as German court would ban many cookie management providers | Hacker News

All Black Screen | Make Your Screen Black

yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

The Big DevOps Misunderstanding | Hacker News

The timing of evolutionary transitions suggests intelligent life is rare | Hacker News

COLODEBUG: a simple way to improve bash script debugging

An iframe from tries to access the camera and microphone | Hacker News

Everything I googled in a week as a professional software engineer (2019) | Hacker News

Against 3x Speed | Hacker News

QianMo/Real-Time-Rendering-4th-Bibliography-Collection: Real-Time Rendering 4th (RTR4) 参考文献合集典藏 | Collection of Real-Time Rendering 4th (RTR4) Bibliography / Reference

lunasec-io/lunasec: LunaSec - Security & Compliance SDKs to stop data leaks in your software. With just a few lines, LunaSec adds a Zero Trust Architecture across your stack, Unique Per-Record Encryption, and protection from common security issues like XSS, SQL Injection, and RCE. Try it out live here:

atmosgames/SuperSimple2DKit: A simple kit meant to help jump start the creation of your 2D Unity game!

lapce/lapce: Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor written in Rust

github/codeql: CodeQL: the libraries and queries that power security researchers around the world, as well as code scanning in GitHub Advanced Security (code scanning),, and LGTM Enterprise

RedisJSON/RedisJSON: RedisJSON - a JSON data type for Redis



Concise Encoding

Saving the shuttle simulator–“It was an artifact that needed to be preserved” | Hacker News

ziglang/glibc-abi-tool: A repository that collects glibc .abilist files for every version and a tool to combine them into one dataset.

Americans are rethinking where they want to live | Hacker News

Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli bridged mind and matter (2017) | Hacker News

Architecture — helloSystem documentation


Weird: Generative Art in Common Lisp | Hacker News

inconvergent/weird: Generative art in Common Lisp

Chemical emitted by babies could make men more docile, women more aggressive | Hacker News

A practical overview of most useful Unix tools | Hacker News

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education

Predict civilization collapse with Python and World3 model | Hacker News

Everyone on Earth is your cousin (2015) | Hacker News

CEPL: A lispy and REPL-friendly Common Lisp library for working with OpenGL | Hacker News

cepl.examples/examples at master · cbaggers/cepl.examples

I am in favour of the term “Web4” to describe small, local, personal, private… | Hacker News

Why general inheritance is flawed and how to finally fix it | Hacker News

Go and Rust — objects without class []

Tacit knowledge is more important than deliberate practice | Hacker News

HashLips/hashlips_art_engine: HashLips Art Engine is a tool used to create multiple different instances of artworks based on provided layers.

Welcome to the Engine Remix Private Beta Team - PRIVATE BETA ENGINE REMIX / Latest Builds & Release Notes - Official Denon DJ Forum

pointfreeco/swift-composable-architecture: A library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind.

Composable Architecture

Point-Free: A video series on functional programming and the Swift programming language.

debezium/debezium: Change data capture for a variety of databases. Please log issues at

fyne-io/fyne: Cross platform GUI in Go inspired by Material Design




Dracula — Dark theme for 227+ apps



chriskempson/tomorrow-theme: Tomorrow Theme now lives on at

chriskempson/base16: An architecture for building themes

How to run a small social network site for your friends | Hacker News

jam-systems/jam: 🍓 Jam is your own open source Clubhouse for mini conferences, friends, communities

Jam Pro

Write your Own Virtual Machine

Writing a simple 16 bit VM in less than 125 lines of C | andreinc

lc3-vm/vm.c at main · nomemory/lc3-vm

nomemory/lc3-vm: A LC3 virtual machine implementation in a few lines of C code

Gigatron – TTL microcomputer

gigatron-rom/gtemu.c at master · kervinck/gigatron-rom

A Language and Tool for Generating Efficient Virtual Machine Interpreters | SpringerLink

Vmgen: a generator of efficient virtual machine interpreters: Software—Practice & Experience: Vol 32, No 3

VMProtect 2 - Detailed Analysis of the Virtual Machine Architecture // Back Engineering

Yamaha DX7 reverse-engineering, part III: Inside the log-sine ROM

ajxs/yamaha_dx7_rom_disassembly: Yamaha DX7 Firmware ROM annotated disassembly.

xonixx/makesure: Simple task/command runner with declarative goals and dependencies

bytedance/monoio: Rust async runtime based on io-uring.

Articles - InvisibleUp

The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt. Part 1 | Medium

°~.·:·✧ ✧·:·.~°

Worker cooperative - Wikipedia

The Serviceberry – Emergence Magazine

yeemachine/kalidokit: Blendshape and kinematics solver for Mediapipe/Tensorflow.js face, eyes, pose, and hand tracking models.

glibg10b/ltt-linux-challenge-issues: A list of issues Linus and Luke experienced during the LTT Linux Daily Driver Challenge

Is Linux up to Linus Sebastian’s Standards Yet?


Web3? I have my DAOts | Hacker News

NFTs and Nomar - by Jay Pinho - networked

Advent of Code 2021 with PostgreSQL | Hacker News

mitchellh/advent-2021-sql: Advent of Code 2021 using SQL (PostgreSQL-flavored)

On Hubris and Humility | Hacker News

oxidecomputer/hubris: A lightweight, memory-protected, message-passing kernel for deeply embedded systems.




Virtual machine - Wikipedia

Sayonara, C++, and Hello to Rust | Hacker News

Bouncing a LoRa message off the moon | Hacker News

Can you drill into a supervolcano to relieve pressure? (2016) | Hacker News

You click a link to a news site, to read an article that seems interesting | Hacker News

Show HN: PlanckForth – Bootstrapping an interpreter from handwritten 1kb binary | Hacker News

nineties/planckforth: Bootstrapping a Forth interpreter from hand-written tiny ELF binary. Just for fun.

Ask HN: Is everything changing too fast? | Hacker News

SF suspends cannabis tax to help dispensaries compete with drug dealers | Hacker News

WhatsApp has removed answer to “how do I choose not to share data with FB” | Hacker News

Uutils: an attempt at writing cross-platform CLI utilities in Rust | Hacker News

uutils/coreutils: Cross-platform Rust rewrite of the GNU coreutils

Amazon is bypassing supply chain chaos with chartered ships and long-haul planes | Hacker News

prabhatsharma/zinc: Zinc Search engine. A lightweight alternative to elasticsearch that requires minimal resources, written in Go.

FerretDB/FerretDB: A truly Open Source MongoDB alternative

haampie/libtree: ldd as a tree

Underrated Reasons to Be Thankful | Hacker News

The fish shell is amazing | Hacker News

The fish shell is amazing – Mairo Rufus – The faster you fail, the faster you learn

Abstract Clojure | Hacker News

TSMC “Apple-first” 3nm policy leads to AMD and Qualcomm mutiny | Hacker News

Nullc: Fast C-like programming language with advanced features | Hacker News

WheretIB/nullc: Fast C-like programming language with advanced features

Tell HN: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone | Hacker News

Jim Warren has died | Hacker News

Transformers from Scratch | Hacker News

Museum of Plugs and Sockets | Hacker News

Jamulus ‒ Play music online. With friends. For free | Hacker News

Buying an ebike | Hacker News

Modern PHP Cheat Sheet | Hacker News

Nvidia releases Paint me Picture – A web app for GauGAN2 | Hacker News

In Praise of Idleness (1932) | Hacker News

Transatlantic ping faster than sending a pixel to the screen? (2012) | Hacker News

remix-run/remix: Build Better Websites. Create modern, resilient user experiences with web fundamentals.

openvinotoolkit/openvino: OpenVINO™ Toolkit repository

AsyncBanana/microdiff: A fast, zero dependency object and array comparison library. Significantly faster than most other deep comparison libraries and has full TypeScript support.

ethereum-boilerplate/ethereum-boilerplate: The ultimate full-stack Ethereum Dapp Boilerplate which gives you maximum flexibility and speed. Feel free to fork and contribute. Although this repo is called “Ethereum Boilerplate” it works with any EVM system and even Solana support is coming soon! Happy BUIDL!👷‍♂️

MetaMask/metamask-extension: The MetaMask browser extension enables browsing Ethereum blockchain enabled websites

How We Turn Authorization Logic into SQL | Hacker News

California moves to recommend delaying algebra to 9th grade statewide | Hacker News

Ask HN: Is back end dev generally easier than front end? | Hacker News

Sonic: A fast JSON serializing and deserializing library | Hacker News

Neuro Evolution of Augmented Topologies | Hacker News

The Perfect System Doesn’t Exist | Hacker News

Things I learned from building a production database | Hacker News

An engineer’s observations on Web3 and its possibilities | Hacker News

My Favorite Math Problem | Hacker News

New emails released in the McDonald’s ice cream machine lawsuit | Hacker News

What’s the Future of IDEs? | Hacker News

How the Rosetta Stone yielded its secrets | Hacker News

Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware | Hacker News

Vestaboard – A Smart Display to Connect and Inspire | Hacker News

Vestaboard - A Smart Display To Connect And Inspire

Processing and P5 got newbies into coding | Hacker News

Fun Programming - video tutorials to learn creative coding

IPv6-only subnets and EC2 instances | Hacker News

I wish systemd logged information about the source of “transactions” | Hacker News

Overengineering can kill your product | Hacker News

Tree Sitter and the Complications of Parsing Languages | Hacker News

Please Stop “Fixing” Font Smoothing (2012) | Hacker News

Overengineering can kill your product | Hacker News

hoppscotch/hoppscotch: 👽 Open source API development ecosystem

medusajs/medusa: The open-source Shopify alternative ⚡️

Open-source headless commerce engine

yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

TachibanaYoshino/AnimeGANv2: [Open Source]. The improved version of AnimeGAN. Landscape photos/videos to anime

Python-World/python-mini-projects: A collection of simple python mini projects to enhance your python skills

Python Project Collection

ava-labs/avalanchego: Go implementation of an Avalanche node.

Avalanche: Blazingly Fast, Low Cost, & Eco-Friendly

cloudflare/production-saas: (WIP) Example SaaS application built in public on the Cloudflare stack!

True Convergence is Here: PureOS 10 is Released for all Librem Products – Purism

CheerpX’s REPLs

Toit Documentation


Nim Community Survey | Hacker News

Building a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pi | Hacker News

Data Oriented Design (first chapter) | Hacker News

No notebook is perfect, but the reMarkable comes close | Hacker News

Beartype: Unbearably fast runtime type checking in Python | Hacker News

Ask HN: How do you start a new career with minimal qualifications? | Hacker News

First stage POWER9 Firefox JIT passes tests | Hacker News

Volta vs. Nvm for JavaScript Tooling | Hacker News

Cryptographers are not happy with how you’re using the word ‘crypto’ | Hacker News

Ask HN: Those who quit their jobs without anything planned. How did it go? | Hacker News

YARP – Microsoft toolkit to build fast reverse proxy servers | Hacker News

Acquisition of chess knowledge in AlphaZero | Hacker News

Where is Ruby Headed in 2021? | Hacker News

The Spiral Staircase Myth (2020) | Hacker News

80386DX ISA single board microcomputer | Hacker News

Tasking developers with creating detailed estimates is a waste of time (2020) | Hacker News

SerenityOS demo at Handmade Seattle 2021 [video] | Hacker News


Ask HN: Why is there no good open-source LMS? | Hacker News

Duff’s Device in 2021 | Hacker News

HomeBrew Computers Web-Ring | Hacker News

Spy camera detection using smartphone time-of-flight sensors | Hacker News

Show HN: I made a drag and drop website builder that works on mobile | Hacker News

AppFlowy-IO/AppFlowy: AppFlowy is an open-source alternative to Notion. You are in charge of your data and customizations. Built with Flutter and Rust.

davidrmiller/biosim4: Biological evolution simulator

tharsis/evmos: Evmos is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Hub on the Cosmos Network. It is the flagship implementation of the Ethermint library that prioritizes interoperability and novel economics.

rust-blockchain/evm: Pure Rust implementation of Ethereum Virtual Machine

ethereum/go-ethereum: Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol

Welcome to Remix’s documentation! — Remix - Ethereum IDE 1 documentation

Installation | Evmos Documentation

tharsis/evmos: Evmos is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Hub on the Cosmos Network. It is the flagship implementation of the Ethermint library that prioritizes interoperability and novel economics.

cosmos/cosmos-sdk: A Framework for Building High Value Public Blockchains

Cosmos: The Internet of Blockchains

tendermint/tendermint: ⟁ Tendermint Core (BFT Consensus) in Go


Requarks/wiki: Wiki.js | A modern and powerful wiki app built on Node.js

ossu/data-science: Path to a free self-taught education in Data Science!

riramar/Web-Attack-Cheat-Sheet: Web Attack Cheat Sheet


diem/diem: Diem’s mission is to build a trusted and innovative financial network that empowers people and businesses around the world.


mattermost/focalboard: Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

tiangolo/fastapi: FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production

wmcnally/kapao: KAPAO is an efficient multi-person human pose estimation model that detects keypoints and poses as objects and fuses the detections to predict human poses.

localstack/localstack: 💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!

Regexp::English - Perl module to create regular expressions more verbosely -


RegexOne - Learn Regular Expressions - Lesson 1: An Introduction, and the ABCs

Regex Learn - Step by step, from zero to advanced.

CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line | Hacker News

The most influential man on the internet | Hacker News

.plan | Hacker News


The Burnout Society | Hacker News

Upcoming/proposed breaking changes to Haskell | Hacker News

Firefox Relay | Hacker News

Firefox Relay

Cloudflare Pages goes full stack | Hacker News

Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack

Nothing Scales | Hacker News

Nothing Scales - Jason Kerwin

Ask HN: What is the fastest way to ramp up on DevOps, k8 and GCP? | Hacker News

Ask HN: What’s the quickest way to get something online? | Hacker News

Shadow Palette Generator | Hacker News

Introducing “Shadow Palette Generator”, a tool to help you generate CSS box-shadow values

CSS Shadow Palette Generator

A diet that draws from the ancient past | Hacker News

T-Wand: Beat Lucene in Less Than 600 Lines of Code -

minio/minio: High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage

salmer/CppDeveloperRoadmap: Roadmap for learning the C++ programming language for beginners and experienced devs. // Дорожная карта по изучению языка программирования C++ для начинающих и практикующих.

Kholid060/automa: A chrome extension for automating your browser by connecting blocks

questdb/questdb: An open source SQL database designed to process time series data, faster

Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies (2017) | Hacker News

The Melancholy of Subculture Society (2019) | Hacker News

Your users will do what you make easy | Hacker News

Your users will do what you make easy | Handmade Network

A terrible schema from a clueless programmer | Hacker News

Physics Student Earns PhD at Age 89 | Hacker News

Simple product management tricks | Hacker News

How to Build a Low-tech Website? (2018) | Hacker News

How to Build a Low-tech Website? | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

How Sustainable is a Solar Powered Website? | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

How and why I stopped buying new laptops | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

Spider Uses Its Web Like a Giant Engineered Ear | Hacker News

Core scheduling []

Ada implementation of an X Window System Server (1989) | Hacker News

Mysorean Rockets | Hacker News

Show HN: Privacy-first, minimal, fast blogging/newsletter platform | Hacker News

Ask HN: What you up to? (Who doesn’t want to be hired?) | Hacker News search results - frame

microsoft/mimalloc: mimalloc is a compact general purpose allocator with excellent performance.

leanprover/lean: Lean Theorem Prover

schollz/croc: Easily and securely send things from one computer to another

File transfer between any computers | Zack Scholl

Open secrets about Hacker News | Hacker News

A Look at WhatsApp: Engineering for Success at Scale

(159) Anton Lavrik - A Reflection on Building the WhatsApp Server - Code BEAM 2018 - YouTube

Rick Reed - WhatsApp: Half a billion unsuspecting FreeBSD users - YouTube

LLDB serial port communication support | Moritz Systems

GPU architecture types explained – RasterGrid

(20) RasterGrid (@rastergrid) / Twitter

Michal Ziulek (@MichalZiulek) / Twitter

Protty (@kingprotty) / Twitter

(20) Joran Dirk Greef (@jorandirkgreef) / Twitter


A fork() in the road | Hacker News

Pico Process Overview | Microsoft Docs

A Not-Called Function Can Cause a 5X Slowdown | Random ASCII – tech blog of Bruce Dawson

Knowing Where to Type ‘Zero’ | Random ASCII – tech blog of Bruce Dawson

Lisbon Unit for Learning and Intelligent Systems - LUMLIS

European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems

· IST & Unbabel Seminars

Problem Space and Solution Space – The Solution Space

The Trouble With Platforms – The Solution Space

Fast, simple code review | Graphite

toybox/ at master · landley/toybox · GitHub

toybox FAQ – Make something amazing

The Old-School Fire Effect and Bare-Metal Programming | Hacker News


sindresorhus/Plash: 💦 Make any website your Mac desktop wallpaper

staltz (André Staltz) / Repositories

The Tyranny of Stuctureless at main · perbyhring/

Technical Analysis Definition

Moduliths: because we need to scale, but we also cannot afford microservices |

Vitaly Parnas - Clever uses of pass, the Unix password manager


Fifty Years of P vs. NP and the Possibility of the Impossible | January 2022 | Communications of the ACM

The final design