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The Scheme Programming Language, 4th Edition

Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days


Chez Scheme

Gerbil Scheme


GNU Guile

MIT/GNU Scheme - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

Toy implementations

(How to Write a (Lisp) Interpreter (in Python))

The Scheme Programming Language

Welcome to!

Planet Scheme

Scheme Requests for Implementation

R7RS-small archive


ecraven/r7rs-benchmarks: Benchmarks for various Scheme implementations. Taken with kind permission from the Larceny project, based on the Gabriel and Gambit benchmarks.

The Scheme Programming Language, 4th Edition

An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation - Table of Contents

MIT/GNU Scheme - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

GNU’s programming and extension language — GNU Guile

Chez Scheme


Gambit Scheme - Home

Gerbil Scheme - Loko Scheme

Göran Weinholt / Loko Scheme · GitLab

Akku.scm - Scheme package manager

Akku.scm / akku · GitLab


Bill Schottstaedt / s7 | GitLab

Snd / Code / [r1609]

actondev/s7-imgui: Using s7 scheme alongside Dear ImGui to (interactively) build (cross platform) GUI apps.



LIPS: Powerful Scheme based lisp interpreter in JavaScript


udem-dlteam/ribbit: A small and portable Scheme implementation with AOT and incremental compilers that fits in 4K. It supports closures, tail calls, first-class continuations and a REPL.

6 Compiling to Scheme

JavaScript Lisp Implementations

PollRobots/scheme: An R7RS Scheme implemented in WebAssembly

eliben/bobscheme: An implementation of Scheme in Python and C++

mattwparas/steel: An embedded scheme interpreter in Rust

the half strap: self-hosting and guile – wingolog

pre-srfi/webui: scheme framework for the web browser

Nala Ginrut / guile-lua-rebirth · GitLab

GNU Artanis web-framework

HardenedLinux / artanis · GitLab

Hyde - The CHICKEN Scheme wiki

Kawa: The Kawa Scheme language


barak/oaklisp: An object-oriented dialect of Scheme

Gauche - A Scheme Implementation

Top (Gauche Users’ Reference)

shirok/Gauche: Scheme Scripting Engine

flatwhatson/guile-prescheme: A port of Pre-Scheme from Scheme 48 to Guile - Free code hosting

The Nearly Complete Scheme48 PreScheme 1.3 Reference Manual

The 3L Project

organix/mycelia: A bare-metal actor operating system for Raspberry Pi.

organix/uFork: A pure-actor virtual machine with object-capabilities and memory-safety.

dalnefre/humus_js: Humus simulator/debugger in JavaScript

It’s Actors All The Way Down » Humus

FOSDEM 2023 - Introduction to Pre-Scheme

FOSDEM 2023 - Zig and Guile for fast code and a REPL

FOSDEM 2023 - Whippet: A new production embeddable garbage collector

turbopape/scheje: A little scheme implementation on top of Clojure