Music Coding

Overtone - Collaborative Programmable Music

overtone/overtone: Collaborative Programmable Music

Overtone is live programmable music and visualization | Hacker News

Extempore docs

digego/extempore: A cyber-physical programming environment

iainctduncan/scheme-for-max: Max/MSP external for scripting and live coding Max with s7 Scheme Lisp

LilyPond – Music notation for everyone: Text input

“Compiling” Music | Hacker News



chaosprint/glicol: Graph-oriented live coding language and music DSP library written in Rust


Raphaël Bastide / Cascade · GitLab

Cascade: CSS to sound live coding system | Hacker News

Video channel videos - Swrs PeerTube

Qirky/Troop: Real-time Live Coding collaboration app

Troop: a collaborative editor for live coding – TOPLAP

the-drunk-coder/ Mégra is a mini-language to make music with variable-order markov chains and some other stochastic shenanigans.

Mégra Documentation

s-ol/alive: experimental livecoding environment with persistent expressions

alive documentation

grame-cncm/faust: Functional programming language for signal processing and sound synthesis

Faust Programming Language



brettbuddin/shaden: 🎧 A modular audio synthesizer.

grz0zrg/fsynth: Web-based and pixels-based collaborative synthesizer

Fragment - Fragment - Real-time audiovisual live coding platform

Fragment - Real-time audiovisual live coding environment

0xC45 - Digital Audio Synthesizer in Rust

ohmtech-rdi/eurorack-blocks: Software to Hardware Prototyping for Eurorack using C++, Max/Gen~ or Faust

alelouis/mini-synth: Modular mini-synth modules in Python

WeirdConstructor/HexoDSP: Comprehensive DSP graph and synthesis library for developing a modular synthesizer in Rust, such as HexoSynth.

mathigatti/RealTimeSingingSynthesizer: Live Coding Singing Synthesizer. Python sinsy-NG wrapper.

Mathias Gatti

sdclibbery/limut: Live coding music and visuals within a browser using WebAudio and WebGL


miniaudio - A single file audio playback and capture library.