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Notcurses - dankwiki, the wiki of nick black

blackwiki! (nick black’s wiki – mankind’s last hope?)

dankamongmen/notcurses: blingful character graphics/TUI library. definitely not curses.



Theory - The Pijul manual


Sturdy - Simple & efficient code collaboration

sturdy-dev/sturdy: 🐥 Sturdy is an open-source, real-time, version control platform for startups (

facebookexperimental/eden: EdenSCM is a cross-platform, highly scalable source control management system.

nuta/kerla: A new operating system kernel with Linux binary compatibility written in Rust.

Darwin (operating system) - Wikipedia

XNU - Wikipedia

Mach (kernel) - Wikipedia

OSF/1 - Wikipedia

What is Mach?

OSF Kernel and Server programming manuals.

The Mach Kernel


for beginners

mit-pdos/xv6-riscv: Xv6 for RISC-V

Genode - Genode Operating System Framework

Regular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast

tyfkda/xv6: 64bit port of xv6

Antmicro · Renode Framework

AmbiML/sparrow-manifest: Project Sparrow: Repo Materials

From Zero to main(): How to Write a Bootloader from Scratch | Interrupt

How to debug a HardFault on an ARM Cortex-M MCU | Interrupt

ArduinoCore-samd/main.c at master · arduino/ArduinoCore-samd

mcu-tools/mcuboot: Secure boot for 32-bit Microcontrollers!

Errata Security: The RISC Deprogrammer

Bit Twiddling Hacks

Traversing Subsets of a Set - Chessprogramming wiki

Hacker’s Delight - Wikipedia

FNV Hash

50 years in filesystems: 1984 | Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp

50 years in filesystems: 1974 | Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp

Building Git –

What is Git made of?

makelinux/git-wizard: instant git magic and tricks

makelinux/gitm: Multiple git replication utility

makelinux/wikigraphviz: Generates graphical representation of Wikipedia category hierarchy

makelinux/linux_kernel_map: Linux kernel map

makelinux/ldt: Linux Driver Template

Initial revision of “git”, the information manager from hell · git/git@e83c516

memory spy

Float Toy

fastest code - High throughput Fizz Buzz - Code Golf Stack Exchange