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shortkeys/background.js at master · crittermike/shortkeys

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Web Developer’s Toolbox – Add-ons for Firefox (en-GB)

Firefox DevTools

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servo/webrender: A GPU-based renderer for the web

gpuweb/gpuweb: Where the GPU for the Web work happens!

projectdelphai/panorama-tab-groups: An add-on for Firefox that implements the old Tab Groups/Panorama functionality

Drive4ik/simple-tab-groups: Create, modify and quick change tab groups. Inspired by the Tab Groups app :)

piroor/treestyletab: Tree Style Tab, Show tabs like a tree.

joelpt/sidewise: Persistent sidebar extension for Chrome featuring tree style tabs and tab hibernation.


cavi-au/Consent-O-Matic: Browser extension that automatically fills out cookie popups based on your preferences