WebAssembly Lisp

LingDong-/wax: A tiny programming language that transpiles to C, C++, Java, TypeScript, Python, C#, Swift, Lua and WebAssembly 🚀

wax/ at main · LingDong-/wax · GitHub

tmcw/wah: a slightly higher-level language superset of webassembly

sschauss/wracket: Lisp-like language to WebAssembly build with racket

kanaka/wam: WebAssembly Macro language and processor

roman01la/clj-wasm: Clojure-flavored WASM’s text format


Arboreta/arboreta-wasm: Common Lisp webassembly tooling

euhmeuh/wasm-adventure: My adventure into the marvelous world of Web Assembly

mbrock/wisp: Lisp in WebAssembly

Gerbil Scheme

Gambit Scheme - Home

gambit/gambit: Gambit is an efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language.

s7 playground

synthcode - chibi-scheme

ashinn/chibi-scheme: Official chibi-scheme repository


yuriy-chumak/ol: Otus Lisp (Ol in short) is a purely* functional dialect of Lisp.

Janet Programming Language

janet-lang/janet: A dynamic language and bytecode vm

ignorabimus/tinyscheme: Experimental fork of TinyScheme and extensions TSX, RE.

schism-lang/schism: A self-hosting Scheme to WebAssembly compiler

PollRobots/scheme: An R7RS Scheme implemented in WebAssembly

value representation in javascript implementations – wingolog

FOSDEM 2023 - Whippet: A new production embeddable garbage collector

whippet: towards a new local maximum – wingolog

posts tagged “gc”

posts tagged “garbage collection”

WebAssembly/proposals: Tracking WebAssembly proposals

stringref/ at main · WebAssembly/stringref · GitHub

proposal-type-imports/ at main · WebAssembly/proposal-type-imports · GitHub

gc/ at main · WebAssembly/gc · GitHub

gc/ at main · WebAssembly/gc · GitHub

gc/ at main · WebAssembly/gc · GitHub

JS interop: no-frills approach · Issue #279 · WebAssembly/gc

Ability to pause wasm execution and call back JavaScript (async JS support) · Issue #1294 · WebAssembly/design