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John McCarthy


On Lisp




Readable Lisp S-expressions Project

GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

Programming in Emacs Lisp


Lisp - made with secret alien technology

John McCarthy

Lambda the Ultimate | Programming Languages Weblog

norvig/paip-lisp: Lisp code for the textbook “Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming”

Content/Talks/2020-09-CppCon at main · codereport/Content

On Lisp

Arc Forum | Arc

Arc Programming Language

arclanguage/anarki: Community-managed fork of the Arc dialect of Lisp; for commit privileges submit a pull request.


believe/ at master · luksamuk/believe

ajlopez/beljs: Bel programming language (Lisp) implemented in JavaScript, WIP

The Kernel Programming Language

Title page for ETD etd-090110-124904


The Axis of Eval: The Kernel Underground

Maru (○)

attila-lendvai/maru: Maru - a tiny self-hosting lisp dialect

newLISP - Home

PicoLisp Wiki: documentation

picolisp/pil21: PicoLisp is an open source Lisp dialect. It is based on LLVM and compiles and runs on any 64-bit POSIX system. Its most prominent features are simplicity and minimalism.

(2) picolisp (@PicoLispREPL) / Twitter

(1) Lisp & Scheme Weekly (@LispDiscussions) / Twitter

sasagawa888/eisl: ISLisp interpreter/compiler

Programming Language ISLISP Working Draft 23.0

otherjoel/punct: ⏺✍️ Write in Lisp + Markdown, publish to multiple formats

ska80/thinlisp: ThinLisp is an open source Lisp to C translator.

kiselgra/c-mera: Next-level syntax for C-like languages :)

woodrush/lisp-in-life: A Lisp interpreter implemented in Conway’s Game of Life

Readable Lisp S-expressions Project

SRFI 110: Sweet-expressions (t-expressions)

issadarkthing/x-lisp: Lisp interpreter written in Deno

mubaraqwahab/wasp: A little dialect of Lisp, built with Deno.

bitsapien/deno-ted: A fun LISP implemented using Deno 🦕

gr0uch/parenscript-builder: Transform ParenScript, a subset of Common Lisp, to ES modules, compatible with Deno and web browsers (and Node.js too).

nukata/lisp-in-typescript: A Common Lisp-like Lisp-1 in TypeScript with TCO and partially hygienic macros

santoshrajan/lispyscript: A javascript with Lispy syntax and macros

defunkt/jasper: Lispy JavaScript

Federico-abss/Lispy: An interpreted, strongly typed, functional programming language based on Lisp and written in C

sck/clispy: C port of Peter Norvig’s (

adamhaney/lispy: An implementation of scheme that can call python modules

ridwanmsharif/lispy: LISP interpreter in Python

fluentpython/lispy: Learning with Peter Norvig’s interpreter

eigenhombre/l1: A simple Lisp written in Go

(Yet Another) Lisp In Go | John Jacobsen

Implementing Scheme in Python | John Jacobsen

kanaka/miniMAL: A Delightfully Diminutive Lisp. Implemented in 1 KB of JavaScript with JSON source, macros, tail-calls, JS interop, error-handling, and more.

miniMAL Web REPL

Building LISP

barafael/pils: Super simple lisp interpreter inspired by, in Rust.

Contents • Build Your Own Lisp

LISP From Nothing - T3X.ORG


LISP with GC in 436 bytes

About Cons Cells

fogus/lithp: McCarthy’s Lisp in Python with macros. A celebration of 50+ years of symbolic processing.

Lisp Compiler

pytudes/ at main · norvig/pytudes

pytudes/ at main · norvig/pytudes

(An ((Even Better) Lisp) Interpreter (in Python))

Writing a Lisp, Part 0: Fundamentals | Max Bernstein

The Shen Group

Shen Open Source Language

Home · Shen-Language/wiki Wiki

dundalek/awesome-lisp-languages: A list of Lisp-flavored programming languages

zick (zick)

zick/IchigoLisp: LISP 1.5(-ish) implementation in WebAssembly

LuxLang/lux: The Lux Programming Language


wisp: Whitespace to Lisp

History of LISP — Software Preservation Group

wisp-lang/wisp: A little Clojure-like LISP in JavaScript

paulitex/Wisp: Wisp: Web-Lisp. Program your browser in lisp instead of javascript.

JunSuzukiJapan/macro-lisp: Lisp-like DSL for Rust language

8l/miniPicoLisp: A kind of “pure” PicoLisp (not “pure Lisp”!).

owl-lisp / owl · GitLab

Owl Lisp 0.2

Lisp & Scheme weekly newsletter - discussions

Lisp & Scheme newsletter: issue for week 31/2022 - discussions

Lisp & Scheme newsletter: issue for week 34/2022 - discussions

Gopiandcode Personal Logs/Notes a href=“./rss.xml”img alt=“Subscribe to RSS feed.” src=“./images/feed-icon-28x28.png” width=“10” height=“10” border=“0” /a

Zero Feet: a proposal for a systems-free Lisp


The First Lisp Compiler | Hacker News

Planet Lisp

newLISP - Closures

newLISP - def-static

newLISP - Y Function

Automatic Memory Management in newLISP

Expression Evaluation in newLISP

newLISP - Links

On Lisp - Paul Graham

Rebol3 Porting Guide (“Ren-C” branch) | Trello

Rebol Parse Project: The Trello

Andrew W. Keep—Compiler Engineer

eholk/harlan: A language for GPU computing.

combinatorylogic/mbase: Metaprogramming framework for .net

JeffBezanson/femtolisp: a lightweight, robust, scheme-like lisp implementation

julia/src/flisp at master · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

Genera (operating system) - Wikipedia

A complete Lisp OS

Loper OS » Intro, Part II.