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REBOL Quick Start: Part 2 - REBOL Scripts

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rebol/rebol: Source code for the Rebol interpreter

rebolsource/r3: Source code for the Rebol [R3] interpreter

saphirion/saphir: Saphirion’s fork of the Rebol 3 interpreter

zsx/r3: Rebol (R3) source code

Oldes/Rebol3: Source code for the Rebol [R3] interpreter

metaeducation/ren-c: Library for embedding a Rebol interpreter into C codebases

Siskin-framework/Rebol-Blend2D: Blend2D extension for Rebol3 (drawing dialect)


Red Programming Language: Documentation

Red/System Language Specification


docs/SUMMARY.adoc at master · red/docs · GitHub

red/docs at master · red/red · GitHub

Home · red/red Wiki

[LINKS] Learning resources · red/red Wiki

red/web-red: site

Oldes/Red at r3-compile

ALANVF/Red.js: A web runtime for the Red programming language

GalenIvanov/Graphics-Red: Graphics/visualization with Red

hostilefork (hostilefork) / Repositories

hostilefork/rebol-whitespacers: Rebol Whitespace Interpreters

wspace/corpus: The definitive collection of interpreters, compilers, and programs for the Whitespace programming language.

Whitespace (programming language) - Wikipedia


Happy 2023, and 2022 General Status & Reflection - Announcements - AltRebol

Latest Development/WebAssembly topics - AltRebol

ren-c/ at master · metaeducation/ren-c · GitHub

hostilefork/replpad-js: Interactive Web Console for Rebol language (Ren-C branch)

Ren Garden


(2) Hostile Fork - YouTube

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rebolek/lest: Low entropy HTML5 templating engine

rebolek/red-tools: Various Red tools

Boleslav Březovský / castr · GitLab


Red by Example

rgchris/Scripts: Miscellaneous Rebol Scripts

Power Mezz