Web Animations

Web Animations API - Web APIs | MDN

Using the Web Animations API - Web APIs | MDN

Web Animations API improvements in Chromium 84

Motion One: The Web Animations API for everyone

Improvements to the Web Animations API DX | Motion One

Performance | Motion One

Motion DevTools

Motion DevTools - Chrome Web Store


motionone/packages/svelte at main · motiondivision/motionone · GitHub


Theatre.js - animation toolbox for the web

theatre-js/theatre: Motion design editor for the web

LottieLab | Create & edit Lottie animations

Documentation | Framer for Developers

Svelte-Motion - Motion Components

micha-lmxt/svelte-motion: An animation library for Svelte based on framer-motion.

Remotion | Make videos programmatically

novacbn/svelte-in-motion: Remotion clone, but in Svelte!

Animate.css | A cross-browser library of CSS animations.

Animista - On-Demand CSS Animations Library

anime.js • JavaScript animation engine

juliangarnier/anime: JavaScript animation engine

jasonjmcghee/viz-studio: Build visualizations live!

Live Visualization Studio

Jason’s Homepage

Deep Learning for Tabular Data: A Bag of Tricks | ODSC 2020 - YouTube


(16) aarthificial - YouTube

(2) Deferred Lights - Pixel Renderer Devlog #1 - YouTube

motion-canvas/motion-canvas: Visualize Complex Ideas Programmatically

motion-canvas/examples: A set of examples for Motion Canvas

Animation flow | Motion Canvas

Introduction - Rive Guide

Rive - Build interactive animations that run anywhere

Jitter · Fast and simple motion design tool.

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