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How I made Google’s data grid scroll faster with a line of CSS | Hacker News

Home | Open UI for Families | Hacker News

So you want to write a technical book | Hacker News

Paxos automatically determined safe and secure | Hacker News

KilledByAPixel/LittleJS: The Tiny JavaScript Game Engine That Can! 🚂

IntelLabs/control-flag: A system to flag anomalous source code expressions by learning typical expressions from training data

How to design in every language at once | Hacker News

ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier | Hacker News

The communications systems at the US Central Command headquarters | Hacker News

Banks, gangsters and the strange resurgence of cash | Hacker News

Willingness to look stupid | Hacker News

Willingness to look stupid

How I learned to program

One week of bugs

A Maze of Murderscapes: Metroid II (2015) | Hacker News

Show HN: vGPU and SR-IOV on consumer GPUs | Hacker News

Recoll: A desktop full-text search tool | Hacker News

We’re seeing an ongoing attack against our primary network provider | Hacker News

Beyond Smart | Hacker News

Scientific notation bug in MySQL left AWS WAF vulnerable to SQL injection | Hacker News

Let’s Talk about PAKE (2018) | Hacker News

Decreasing service fees on subscriptions to 15% | Hacker News

Speed Matters | Hacker News

JS | 前端进阶之道

trekhleb/javascript-algorithms: 📝 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

microsoft/Swin-Transformer: This is an official implementation for “Swin Transformer: Hierarchical Vision Transformer using Shifted Windows”.

NVlabs/stylegan3: Official PyTorch implementation of StyleGAN3

LeCoupa/awesome-cheatsheets: 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file.

Where do type systems come from? (2017) | Hacker News

JSXGraph: Dynamic Mathematics with JavaScript | Hacker News

Senior developers are leading the great resignation movement | Hacker News

Ruby removed “Participants will be tolerant of opposing views” from its CoC | Hacker News

Abstraction, intuition, and the “monad tutorial fallacy” (2009) | Hacker News

‘Google’ is most searched word on Bing | Hacker News

NFT projects are just MLMs for tech elites | Hacker News

CNLabelContactRelationYoungerCousinMothersSiblingsDaughterOrFathersSistersDaught | Hacker News

DMV approves Cruise and Waymo for commercial service in parts of Bay Area | Hacker News

Programming in Forth on Commodore 64 [video] | Hacker News

Facebook thrives on criticism of “disinformation” | Hacker News

What the Robot Saw | Hacker News

Chip shortage leads carmaker Opel to shut German plant until 2022 | Hacker News

Cloudflare’s Disruption | Hacker News

Terfenol-D - Wikipedia

A monk’s guide to office life | Hacker News

Procedurally generating a rounded box mesh | Hacker News

Beware survivorship bias in advice on science careers | Hacker News

IMGZ – Paid image sharing | Hacker News

Prevent Google from mangling search result links when click/copying on Firefox | Hacker News

Apache Guacamole™

Heartbleed - Wikipedia

tc39/proposals: Tracking ECMAScript Proposals

TC39 – Specifying JavaScript.

ECMAScript® 2023 Language Specification

ECMAScript Next compatibility table

What, Why and How | WebRTC for the Curious

The KDL Document Language

SDLang - Simple Declarative Language

Enumerating and analyzing 40+ non-V8 JavaScript implementations |

MakeCode (PXT) Documentation

pxt/ at master · microsoft/pxt

Moddable - FAQ


sycamore-rs/sycamore: A library for creating reactive web apps in Rust and WebAssembly

Trunk | Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web

🧠 ct.css – Let’s take a look inside your head

ct/ct.css at master · csswizardry/ct · GitHub

mvolkmann (mvolkmann) / Repositories

Mark Volkmann’s blog

syg/proposal-structs: JavaScript Structs: Fixed Layout Objects

TC39 Pipeline Operator - Hack vs F#

The Future of CSS: Cascade Layers (CSS @layer) –

LN 001: Building apps in minutes, not months

JavaScript vs JavaScript: Round 2. Fight! - DEV Community

(149) David Beazley: Discovering Python - PyCon 2014 - YouTube

Highway - A Modern Javascript Transitions Manager

Regex Crossword

curses (programming library) - Wikipedia

ncurses - Wikipedia

Termcap - Wikipedia

Deceptive Patterns - Home

Anviz Pwn! How broken devices could be? (CVE-2019-12393/CVE-2019-12391/CVE-2019-12392/CVE-2019-12390/CVE-2019-12389/CVE-2019-12388/CVE-2019-12394/CVE-2019-12518,CVE-2020-19594)

Darwin meets Dilbert: Applying the Law of Two Feet to your next meeting |

The Economic Consequences of Major Tax Cuts for the Rich [pdf] | Hacker News

Async/Await | Writing an OS in Rust

Historical language records reveal a surge of cognitive distortions in recent decades | PNAS

Please, enough with the dead butterflies! - Emily S. Damstra

Simulating worlds on the GPU: Four billion years in four minutes | Hacker News

Simulating worlds on the GPU

Wizards and warriors, part one | Fabulous adventures in coding


Custom payment flow | Stripe Documentation

CourseMaker | Make Online Courses


metablog: Glue: the Dark Matter of Software

Huge data leak shatters the lie that the innocent need not fear surveillance | Hacker News

Show HN: I made an interactive anti-procrastination video course | Hacker News

The Alexander: Why did you build such a long piano? | Hacker News

How many real numbers exist? New proof moves closer to an answer | Hacker News

How Many Numbers Exist? Infinity Proof Moves Math Closer to an Answer. | Quanta Magazine

Zig, Skia, Clojure, Geometry and the Japanese TV Show: ICFP Contest 2021 @

Electroceuticals Could Help You Forget and Get Rid of Your Disease For Good

Learn Something Old Every Day | OS/2 Museum

The Is This Prime? game

K: War on Raze | Hacker News

The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up everyday | Hacker News


The Art of the Romanian Haystack | Hacker News

An overview of typed SQL libraries for TypeScript - phiresky’s blog

ovotech/laminar: OpenApi backed REST APIs. Automatic validation of request / response based on the api schema.

Thinking in Events: From Databases to Distributed Collaboration Software [video] | Hacker News

I am often asked if I will “return to cryptocurrency” | Hacker News

Jeff Bezos’ Dystopian Legacy Goes Far Beyond Amazon | Hacker News

If you want to transform IT, start with finance | Hacker News

RabbitMQ Streams Overview | Hacker News

Is π the Same in Every Universe? | Hacker News

A privacy war is raging inside the W3C - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

Jelly: a recreational programming language inspired by J | Hacker News

People Staring at Computers

Leprechauns of Software… by Laurent Bossavit [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

Teaching Other Teachers How to Teach CS Better | May 2021 | Communications of the ACM

Julia and the Reincarnation of Lisp (2020) | Hacker News

Julia and The Reincarnation of Lisp | by Arnuld On Data | Medium

When Orcs Were Real | Hacker News

The Most Precious Resource is Agency - by Simon Sarris

A foreign seller has hijacked my Amazon Klein bottle listing | Hacker News

Acme Klein Bottle

Learn by reading code: Python standard library design decisions explained - death and gravity

Struggling to structure code in larger programs? Great resources a beginner might not find so easily - death and gravity

ainzzorl/goodcode: A curated collection of annotated code examples from prominent open-source projects

tern-tools/tern: Tern is a software composition analysis tool and Python library that generates a Software Bill of Materials for container images and Dockerfiles. The SBoM that Tern generates will give you a layer-by-layer view of what’s inside your container in a variety of formats including human-readable, JSON, HTML, SPDX and more.

Conspiracy: In Theory and Practice | Hacker News

NATO Classified Cloud Platform Compromised | Hacker News

Io_uring is not (only) a generic asynchronous syscall facility | Hacker News


io_uring is not an event system | despair labs

How to Work Hard | Hacker News

cirosantilli/x86-bare-metal-examples: Dozens of minimal operating systems to learn x86 system programming. Tested on Ubuntu 17.10 host in QEMU 2.10 and real hardware. Userland cheat at: ARM baremetal setup at: 学习x86系统编程的数十个最小操作系统。 已在QEMU 2.10中的Ubuntu 17.10主机和真实硬件上进行了测试。 Userland作弊网址: ARM裸机安装程序位于: 设置

BLisp: A Statically Typed Lisp Like Language

Why Computing Students Should Contribute to Open Source Software Projects | July 2021 | Communications of the ACM

Temporal: getting started with JavaScript’s new date time API

What it’s like to spend 40-50 hours in VR every week | Hacker News

Google sets burial date for legacy Chrome Extensions, fears for ad-blockers grow | Hacker News

Partitioning GitHub’s relational databases to handle scale | Hacker News

The Mom Test – How to talk to customers | Hacker News

Moiré No More | Hacker News

Always Multiply Your Estimates by π (2013) | Hacker News

I Invented Baileys (2017) | Hacker News

How to train large models on many GPUs? | Hacker News

Jellyfin: Free Software Media System | Hacker News

Sometimes mindlessness is better than mindfulness | Hacker News

Shodan Search Engine: Search Engine for the Internet of Everything | Hacker News

Leo Editor | Hacker News

Leo’s Home Page

I just don’t want to be busy anymore | Hacker News

Abusing AWS Lambda to make an Aussie search engine | Hacker News

Apple Disables FaceID if you change the screen yourself [video] | Hacker News

What’s next for personal productivity | Hacker News

A different kind of keyboard | Hacker News

Fuzzing Zig Code Using AFL++ -

The First Rule of Machine Learning: Start Without Machine Learning | Hacker News

Social media influencer/model created from AI lands 100 sponsorships | Hacker News

Show HN: Free, Accessible AI Art Generator | Hacker News

The 5-hour CDN · Fly

Simple Systems Have Less Downtime | Greg Kogan

The Poincaré Conjecture - by Jørgen Veisdal - Privatdozent

Creative Code Management – BIT-101

Netcat - All you need to know :: ikuamike

How Art Can Be Good

ledokku/ledokku: Beautiful web UI for all things Dokku


Dokku - The smallest PaaS implementation you’ve ever seen

HashLips/hashlips_art_engine: HashLips Art Engine is a tool used to create multiple different instances of artworks based on provided layers.

NotLuksus/nft-art-generator: A tool to generate generative NFT art projects.

Clean Architecture on Frontend - DEV Community

zx/index.mjs at main · google/zx

microsoft/IoT-For-Beginners: 12 Weeks, 24 Lessons, IoT for All!

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

Issues - Software Lead Weekly

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

The power of quiet leadership - BBC Ideas

ryanburgess/engineer-manager: A list of engineering manager resource links.

Recognizing and rectifying your mistakes as an engineering leader | LeadDev

Management Training and Leadership Training – Online

Management 3.0 Leadership Training for Managers

Svelte Society - YouTube

(23) Bruce Perens - Building a ‘billion dollar’ startup with Crystal and Lucky | Crystal 1.0 Conference - YouTube

Zea Inc.

How to add macOS line-of-business apps to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn

MDM overview for Apple devices - Apple Support

balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices

balenaOS - Docs

openBalena - Home

Develop locally - Balena Documentation

balena-io/open-balena: Open source software to manage connected IoT devices

Linux Containers - LXD - Introduction

cloud-init Documentation — cloud-init 21.3 documentation

Multipass Documentation | Multipass documentation

Channels | Snapcraft documentation

The snapcraft format | Snapcraft documentation

The snap format | Snapcraft documentation

Snapcraft app and service metadata | Snapcraft documentation

Mir display server - The fast, open and secure display server for any device

MirServer/mir: The Mir compositor

MirServer/ubuntu-frame: The foundation for many embedded graphical display implementations

Issues · ogra1/fabrica


Make a Wayland-native Kiosk snap | Ubuntu

Make a X11-based Kiosk Snap | Ubuntu

Make a secure Ubuntu web kiosk | Ubuntu

The Architecture of WPE


Harari on the 2 most important skills of the 21st Century - YouTube

sessions.getWindowValue() - Mozilla | MDN

browserAction.setPopup() - Mozilla | MDN

The Hypervisor (x86 & ARM) - Xen Project

oVirt - Wikipedia

Hardware-assisted virtualization - Wikipedia

Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments - Wikipedia

SeaBIOS - Wikipedia

alshdavid/BorrowScript: TypeScript with a Borrow Checker. Multi-threaded, Tiny binaries. No GC. Easy to write.

The Cloudflare Blog

Get started Building Web3 Apps with Cloudflare

Measuring Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost

Introducing Parca - Prometheus but for profiles

Protect the Docker daemon socket | Docker Documentation

SSH Server Access | Teleport

Allow button in Security & Privacy System Preferences does not appear | Karabiner-Elements

Start up your Mac in safe mode - Apple Support

Relational Databases Aren’t Dinosaurs, They’re Sharks - Simple Thread

Teleport - Access Computing Resources Anywhere

Tmux Cheat Sheet & Quick Reference

Tmux default key bindings


tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

(145) Rodrigo Branas - YouTube

TradingView – Track All Markets

Pine Script 4 User Manual — Pine Script User Manual 4 documentation

We can do better than DuckDuckGo

sourcehut - the hacker’s forge

sshuttle/sshuttle: Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man’s VPN. Forwards over ssh. Doesn’t require admin. Works with Linux and MacOS. Supports DNS tunneling.

npryce/pottery: It’s like Twitter, for recording things that happen in your project, stored in it’s version control repository.

npryce/adr-tools: Command-line tools for working with Architecture Decision Records