Transpiled Lisp

JavaScript Lisp Implementations

6502/JSLisp: A Lisp to Javascript compiler

cxxxr/valtan: Common Lisp to JavaScript compiler

jscl-project/jscl: A Lisp-to-JavaScript compiler bootstrapped from Common Lisp

JACL: JavaScript Assisted Common Lisp

dongy7/scheme2js: Scheme ➡️ JavaScript transpiler

jdan/scheme-to-js: a scheme-js compiler written in scheme

udem-dlteam/ribbit: A small and portable Scheme implementation with AOT and incremental compilers that fits in 4K. It supports closures, tail calls, first-class continuations and a REPL.

spock - The CHICKEN Scheme wiki

dyoo/whalesong: Whalesong: Racket to JavaScript compiler

soegaard/whalesong: Whalesong: Racket to JavaScript compiler

soegaard/urlang: Urlang is JavaScript with a sane syntax

racketscript/racketscript: Racket to JavaScript Compiler

ahungry/ahungry-janet-to-js: Ahungry’s Janet to JS Transpiler

staab/janet-js: A compiler written in janet, to compile (a subset of) janet to javascript.

arohner/scriptjure: a Clojure library for generating javascript

chlorinejs/chlorine: Main library for Chlorine compiler (a subset of Clojure to javascript)


lantiga/ki: lisp + mori, sweet.js

wisp-lang/wisp: A little Clojure-like LISP in JavaScript

Calcit Language

calcit-lang/calcit: Indentation-based ClojureScript compiling to JavaScript ES Modules

squint-cljs/squint: ClojureScript syntax to JavaScript compiler

squint-cljs/cherry: Experimental ClojureScript to ES6 module compiler

Home - Lux

LuxLang/lux: The Lux Programming Language

KinaKnowledge/juno-lang: Juno Language Repository

Dak Language

daaku/dak: Dak is a Lisp like language that transpiles to JavaScript.

manuel/edgelisp: A Lisp-JavaScript compiler

jlongster/outlet: Outlet is a simple Lisp-like programming language

benekastah/oppo: If javascript is lisp in c’s clothing, then oppo is lisp in lisp’s clothing, with c’s pajamas.

olleicua/hcl: Hot Cocoa Lisp


mitranim/jisp: Lisp-style language that compiles to JavaScript

turbolent/ralph: Ralph is a Lisp-1 dialect that compiles to JavaScript

santoshrajan/lispyscript: A javascript with Lispy syntax and macros

anko/eslisp: un-opinionated S-expression syntax and macro system for JavaScript


parenscript / parenscript · GitLab

Sibilant: Javascript with a LISP

jbr/sibilant: Just another compile-to-js LISP-like language

tiabeast/bait: [WIP] Simple yet powerful general purpose programming language for building reliable software.