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Core API


FFI Module

Parsing Expression Grammars

janet-lang/janet: A dynamic language and bytecode vm


janet-lang/jpm: Janet Project Manager

janet-lang/sqlite3: Bindings to sqlite for the Janet language.

janet-lang/ Website for janet

janet-lang/spork: Various Janet utility modules - the official “Contrib” library.

janet-lang/pkgs: A package listing for Janet.

janet-lang/jaylib: Janet bindings to Raylib

How Janet’s PEG module works

~bakpakin/jvk - Janet rendering playground with Vulkan - sourcehut git

~bakpakin/moogtool - Janet synth tool for generating and playing music - sourcehut git

~bakpakin/temple - Janet templating - sourcehut git

bakpakin/mendoza: A Static Site Generator

Joy Framework

joy-framework/joy: A full stack web framework written in janet

andrewchambers/janetsh: A powerful new shell that uses the janet programming language for both the implementation and repl.

Good Place project

~pepe/chidi - Your soulmate - sourcehut git

~pepe/trevor - Sockets handler for the Chidi - sourcehut git

~pepe/hemple - jhydro flavored RPC - sourcehut git

~pepe/jff - janet fuzzy finder - sourcehut git

~pepe/neil - life scoring - sourcehut git

andrewchambers/janet-sh: Shorthand shell like functions for janet.

andrewchambers/hpkgs: A package repository for hermes

andrewchambers/hermes: Hermes software environment manager

Making a Game in Janet, Part 3: The problem with macros

ianthehenry/judge: self-modifying test library for janet

Toodle Studio

Janet for Mortals

saikyun/freja: Self-modifiable editor for coding graphical things

ahungry/ahungry-janet: Ahungry Library for Janet

ahungry/ahungry-janet-user: Sample user of the ahungry-janet repo