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SoundJS | A JavaScript library that lets you easily work with HTML5 audio.

CreateJS/SoundJS: A Javascript library for working with Audio. It provides a consistent API for loading and playing audio on different browsers and devices. Currently supports WebAudio, HTML5 Audio, Cordova / PhoneGap, and a Flash fallback.


Showcase | WEBMIDI.js

djipco/webmidi: Tame the Web MIDI API. Send and receive MIDI messages with ease. Control instruments with user-friendly functions (playNote, sendPitchBend, etc.). React to MIDI input with simple event listeners (noteon, pitchbend, controlchange, etc.).

midi.js - Sequencing in Javascript.

SuneBear/midi.js: [Deprecated] A modern JavaScript port of MIDI.js. See the source repo at

Audio – three.js docs

violetforest/webmidi-threejs: Webmidi-ready Three.js library for VJing with midi controllers

qiao/euphony: MIDI visualizer in WebGL

Modplayer online in javascript

µ mod player from scratchµ_mod_player_from_scratch.html at master · alokmenghrajani/


JS-MOD-player by Anders Marzi Tornblad

JavaScript MOD Player – Anders Marzi Tornblad

warpdesign/modplayer-js: JavaScript player for SoundTracker mod files using AudioWorklet API

Guichaguri/node-chiptune: Convert tracker music to PCM streams in Node.js (libopenmpt bindings)

jllodra/cmod3: cmod3 module (.IT, .XM, .S3M, .MOD…) music player

demozoo/cowbell: A universal web audio player for demoscene / tracker music

Cowbell - a universal web audio player for demoscene music

deskjet/chiptune2.js: much like chiptune.js - but newer and neater

orhun/CoolModFiles: A web player that plays some cool MOD files randomly 🎶 - Play some cool MOD files!

electronoora/webaudio-mod-player: MOD/S3M/XM module player for Web Audio

spaceman.xm - module player for Web Audio

mod-player · GitHub Topics / links / demoscene

petersalomonsen/javascriptmusic: A.K.A. WebAssembly Music. Live coding music and synthesis in Javascript / AssemblyScript (WebAssembly)

web-midi-api · GitHub Topics

Introduction | WebRTC for the Curious

Introducing the Whiteboard Drum - WebRTC and Web Audio API magic - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

argiepiano/WebRTC-and-MIDI: WebRTC video plus MIDI streaming

WebMIDI over WebRTC demo


Web MIDI Prototypes /

XSound - Powerful Audio Features Easily ! -

Korilakkuma/XSound: XSound gives Web Developers Powerful Audio Features Easily !

Web Audio Demos

Ableton/link: Ableton Link

maximecb/noisecraft: Browser-based visual programming language and platform for sound synthesis.

Detuned saw, sub osc, ping-pong echo & distortion - NoiseCraft

WAC | Soundtrap: A collaborative music studio with Web Audio

(16) Web Audio Conf - YouTube

(16) Rapidly Prototyping MIDI Controllers With Web MIDI - YouTube

(16) JUCE - YouTube

(16) James Body & Andy Abramson - Dangerous Demos - YouTube

Janus WebRTC Server (multistream): About Janus

Can WebRTC help musicians? - LinuxMusicians

spencerudnick/ In-browser modular synthesis with the Web Audio API.

Synth Kitchen

Ameobea/web-synth: A web-based sound synthesis, music production, and audio experimentation platform

Web Synth - Realtime Browser Audio Synthesis Plaform

WASM SYNTH, or, how music taught me the beauty of math

WASM SYNTH, or, how music taught me the beauty of math

TimDaub/wasm-synth: C++ in the browser? Webassembly? Sounds jarring? Indeed, it is! Synthesizer for the browser.

WASM Synth


philmillman/webmidirtc: synths with friends

(16) Real-time Remote Jams With WebRTC and Web MIDI - Philip Miller - ADC21 - YouTube

Home - The Audio Developer Conference

gridsound/daw: GridSound (0.40.0) wants to be an open source online digital audio workstation following the new WebAudio API 🎛🎹🎵✨ – If you can, please sponsor us a little on our Patreon ❤️


spectrome/patchcab: Modular Eurorack style synthesizer made with Web Audio



Welcome to Bitrhythm’s documentation! — Bitrhythm’s literate documentation




iamschulz/js-synth: a synthesizer

kofigumbs/typebeat: Keyboard-controlled music sequencer, sampler, and synth


Introduction | Elementary Audio Docs

elemaudio/docs: Community powered documentation site for Elementary Audio

Elementary Audio

DrumSynth Random Pattern Example

teetow/elementary_grid: A tonegrid synth made with Elementary Audio and React

bgins/coincident-spectra: A spectral-microtuning additive synthesizer

notthetup/awesome-webaudio: A curated list of awesome WebAudio packages and resources.

adamrenklint/bap: A toolkit for making beats and composing sequences with Javascript and Web Audio

GoogleChrome/omnitone: Spatial Audio Rendering on the web.

notthetup/smoothfade: smooth fading in webaudio

benji6/virtual-audio-graph: Library for declaratively manipulating the Web Audio API


kittykatattack/sound.js: A micro-library to load, play and generate sound effects and music for games and interactive applications

meyda/meyda: Audio feature extraction for JavaScript.

katspaugh/wavesurfer.js: Navigable waveform built on Web Audio and Canvas


ZVK/stretcher: A time stretching UI using soundtouch-js built for Berklee PULSE.

ZVK/soundtouch-js: JavaScript audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library

jakubfiala/soundtouch-js: JavaScript audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library


also (Ryan Berdeen)

SoundTouch Sound Processing Library

adrianholovaty (Adrian Holovaty)

jakubfiala (Jakub Fiala)

audiojs/audio: Class for high-level audio manipulations [NOT MAINTAINED]

Theodeus/tuna: An audio effects library for the Web Audio API.


Okazari/Rythm.js: A javascript library that makes your page dance.

howler.js - JavaScript audio library for the modern web

goldfire/howler.js: Javascript audio library for the modern web.

kelvinau/circular-audio-wave: JS library for audio visualization in circular wave using Web Audio API and ECharts

rserota/wad: Web Audio DAW. Use the Web Audio API for dynamic sound synthesis. It’s like jQuery for your ears.

Home · Theodeus/tuna Wiki

Theodeus/tuna: An audio effects library for the Web Audio API.

Tuna Delay Node Demo

Acid Machine 2

reference | p5.js

magenta-js/music at master · magenta/magenta-js · GitHub

Magenta + Deeplocal + The Flaming Lips = Fruit Genie

Neural Drum Machine

Piano Scribe

Melody Mixer

MagentaMusic.js demos

magenta-js/music/demos at master · magenta/magenta-js · GitHub

danigb/soundfont-player: Quick soundfont loader and player for browser

mmckegg/loop-drop-app: [unmaintained] MIDI looper, modular synth and sampler app built using Web Audio and Web MIDI APIs

mmckegg/rust-loop-drop: [WIP] Midi-only version of Loop Drop for running on low power machines like Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone code editor

kylestetz/Web-Audio-Basics: Simple examples to demonstrate various aspects of the Web Audio API.

notthetup/resampler: Re-sample Audio

tornqvist/bpm-detective: Detects the BPM of a song or audio sample

acid-banger/app.ts at main · vitling/acid-banger · GitHub

acid-banger/audio.ts at main · vitling/acid-banger · GitHub

acid-banger/boilerplate.ts at main · vitling/acid-banger · GitHub

acid-banger/pattern.ts at main · vitling/acid-banger · GitHub

acid-banger/ui.ts at main · vitling/acid-banger · GitHub

(48) Build WebAudio And JavaScript Web Application Using JSPatcher: A Web-Based Visual Programming Editor - YouTube

Fr0stbyteR/jspatcher: a Visual Programming Language (VPL) in Max/PureData style


Volcomix/waane: Web Audio API Node Editor

[New project] - WebAudio Graph Editor - v0.4.4α

Waveform Playlist

michalochman/react-web-audio-graph: Interactive audio graph editor built with Web Audio API and React

AudioMass - About

pkalogiros/AudioMass: Free full-featured web-based audio & waveform editing tool

Convolution Reverb and Web Audio API | by Anton Miselaytes | ITNEXT


joshreiss/Working-with-the-Web-Audio-API: Various simple Web Audio API examples

Reverb.js Demo

Nexus Web Audio Interfaces

FM Synthesis in the Browser with Rust, Web Audio, and WebAssembly with SIMD - Casey Primozic’s Homepage

sebpiq/WebPd: Run your Pure Data patches on the web.

jussi-kalliokoski/audiolib.js: audiolib.js is a powerful audio tools library for javascript.

AudioWorkletGlobalScope - Web APIs | MDN

Web Audio API - Web APIs | MDN

Advanced techniques: Creating and sequencing audio - Web APIs | MDN