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unjs/nitro: ⚗️ Build and deploy universal JavaScript servers

unjs/unbuild: An unified javascript build system

unjs/unctx: 🍦 Composables in vanilla JS

unjs/unimport: Unified utils for auto importing APIs in modules.

unjs/unhead: △ Universal document head tag manager. Tiny, adaptable and full-featured.

unjs/unenv: Framework-agnostic system for converting JavaScript code to be platform-agnostic and working in any environment including Browsers, Workers, Node.js, or pure JavaScript runtime.

Universal document head tag manager · Unhead

unjs/giget: ✨ Download templates and git repositories with pleasure!

unjs/unplugin: Unified plugin system for Vite, Rollup, Webpack, and more

antfu/unplugin-starter: Starter template for unplugin

jwr12135/create-unplugin: Initialize a new unplugin package.

unjs/h3: ⚡️ Minimal h(ttp) framework built for high performance and portability

h3@1.0.2 -

unjs/mlly: 🤝 Missing ECMAScript module utils for Node.js

unjs/unstorage: 💾 Universal Storage System

unjs/magicast: 🧀 Programmatically modify JavaScript and TypeScript source codes with a simplified, elegant and familiar syntax powered by recast and babel.

benjamn/recast: JavaScript syntax tree transformer, nondestructive pretty-printer, and automatic source map generator