Tracker Modules

The Mod Archive v4.0b - A distinctive collection of modules

XMPlay Support - 0 - About XMPlay

sezero/mikmod: Mikmod Sound System (mirror of git repo at

MikMod homepage

mywave82/opencubicplayer: Open Cubic Player (unix fork). Music visualizer for various tracked music formats (amiga modules, S3M, IT), chiptunes and other formats related to demoscene

Konstanty/libmodplug: libmodplug GitHub repository

mvac7/SDCC_PT3player_Lib: SDCC PT3 Player (Vortex Tracker) Library for MSX

dbrookman/trackrip: Extracts samples from various music tracker module formats

rombankzero/pocketmod: Small ANSI C library for turning ProTracker MOD files into playable PCM audio.

johnnovak/nim-mod: A Nim MOD player just for fun

Awave Studio

HippoPlayer/HippoPlayer: A modern music player for your oldsk00l needs

NewCreature/Original-Music-Organizer: Organize and Play Your Music Collection

Chipmachine Music Player - Sasq64

Un4seen Developments - BASSMOD

iamgreaser/it2everything: Miscellaneous format conversion tools for tracked music and things along that line.

.mod Sample Master