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The Clojure Style Guide





Typed Clojure - An optional type system for Clojure


Best Work Boots Reviews | Boot Review


Learn to Program the World’s Most Bodacious Language with Clojure for the Brave and True

Clojure by Example

Web frameworks


Build tooling

Databases and datalogs

Engines and dialects



The Janet Programming Language


The Hy Manual - hy 0.19.0 documentation


Ferret Programmer’s Manual




Calva User Guide

Neanderthal - Fast Native Matrix and Linear Algebra in Clojure



Clojure - Getting Started

Clojure - Vars and the Global Environment

Clojure - Reading Clojure Characters

Clojure - The Reader

Clojure - Java Interop

Clojure - Data Structures

Clojure - Transducers


Community-Powered Clojure Documentation and Examples | ClojureDocs

Get Started with Calva - Calva User Guide

Paredit, a Visual Guide - Calva User Guide

Debugger - Calva User Guide

VIM - Calva User Guide

Clojure/Script mode for CodeMirror 6


leiningen/leiningen: Project automation for Clojure - leiningen -

Boot: build tooling for Clojure

boot-clj/boot: Build tooling for Clojure.

seancorfield/clj-new: Generate new projects based on clj, Boot, or Leiningen Templates!

figwheel-main | Figwheel Main provides tooling for developing ClojureScript applications

bhauman/figwheel-main: Figwheel Main provides tooling for developing ClojureScript applications

bhauman/lein-figwheel: Figwheel builds your ClojureScript code and hot loads it into the browser as you are coding!

Shadow CLJS User’s Guide

thheller/shadow-cljs: ClojureScript compilation made easy

Luminus - a Clojure web framework

luminus-framework/luminus-template: a template project for the Luminus framework

Kit Framework

kit-clj/kit: Lightweight, modular framework for scalable web development in Clojure

weavejester/integrant: Micro-framework for data-driven architecture

Example Gallery.cljs

mhuebert/maria: A ClojureScript coding environment for beginners.


tonsky/datascript: Immutable database and Datalog query engine for Clojure, ClojureScript and JS


weavejester/hiccup: Fast library for rendering HTML in Clojure

Hiccup 1.0.5 API documentation

reagent-project/reagent: A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

Reagent: Minimalistic React for ClojureScript

day8/re-frame: A ClojureScript framework for building user interfaces, leveraging React


ClojureScript + Reagent Tutorial with Code Examples

fulcro by fulcrologic

Fulcro Developers Guide

fulcrologic/fulcro: A library for development of single-page full-stack web applications in clj/cljs

Quick Start ( · omcljs/om Wiki

valerauko/cljs-deno-example: A “hello, world” HTTP server example running ClojureScript on Deno

clj-easy/graal-docs: Scripts and tips to get Clojure latest working with GraalVM latest

clj-easy/graalvm-clojure: This project contains a set of “hello world” projects to verify which Clojure libraries do actually compile and produce native images under GraalVM.


Babashka book

babashka/babashka: Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting

babashka/sci: Configurable Clojure/Script interpreter suitable for scripting and Clojure DSLs

babashka/scittle: Execute Clojure(Script) directly from browser script tags via SCI

kloimhardt/babashka-scittle-guestbook: Luminus guestbook example for Babashka+Scittle

babashka/bbin: Install any Babashka script or project with one command

babashka/nbb: Scripting in Clojure on Node.js using SCI

borkdude/bebo: Run Clojure scripts on deno

borkdude/deps.clj: A faithful port of the clojure CLI bash script to Clojure

jank programming language - Clojure/LLVM/Gradual Typing

jank-lang/jank: A Clojure dialect on LLVM with gradual typing, a native runtime, and C++ interop

Zelex/basic: Fast Embeddable Clojure in C/C++

ralexstokes/clj-rs: Clojure-like interpreter in Rust

clojure-rs/ClojureRS: Clojure, implemented atop Rust (unofficial)

ruricolist/cloture: Clojure in Common Lisp



sicmutils/sicmutils: Computer Algebra, Physics and Differential Geometry in Clojure.

mentat-collective/sicm-book: Executable version of Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics.

mentat-collective/fdg-book: Executable version of Functional Differential Geometry.

Liberator - Welcome


REPL adventures

Clojure Data Structures Tutorial with Code Examples

Understanding Clojure’s Persistent Vectors, pt. 1

Stepan Parunashvili

A Graph-Based Firebase

Database in the Browser, a Spec

Macros by Example

Clojurian Thought: A Clojure programming language blog

Fix your Clojure code: Clojure comes with design patterns (Part 2)

Fix your Clojure code: Clojure comes with design patterns (Part 1)

Biff | Clojure web framework

BetterThanTomorrow/joyride: Making VS Code Hackable like Emacs since 2022

djblue/portal: A clojure tool to navigate through your data.

seancorfield/honeysql: Turn Clojure data structures into SQL

2.x Early Access · XTDB

Tensegritics/ClojureDart: A port of Clojure that compiles to Dart

kalai-transpiler/kalai: A source-to-source transpiler to convert Clojure to multiple target languages (Rust, C++, Java, …)

Why Clojure (Lisp) is good for writing transpilers – Sequenced Thoughts from C/S

Olical/propel: Propel helps you start Clojure(Script) REPLs with a prepl

lilactown/flex: flex is a reactive signal library for Clojure(Script)



roman01la/solid-cljs: ClojureScript bindings to SolidJS

squint/App.cljs at main · squint-cljs/squint · GitHub


(141) “Working With the Machine – A Maker’s Journey into Clojure” by Adam Vermeer - YouTube

Cirru: an editor for AST

calcit-lang/editor: Editor for Calcit programs

Calcit Editor


swannodette/mori: ClojureScript’s persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript

cljfx/cljfx: Declarative, functional and extensible wrapper of JavaFX inspired by better parts of react and re-frame

edn-format/edn: Extensible Data Notation

cognitect/transit-format: A data interchange format.

benzap/eden: Embedded and Extensible Scripting Language in Clojure

aaronc/freactive: High-performance, pure Clojurescript, declarative DOM library