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The Compiler Generator Coco/R

Projects Gateway | The Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse Modeling Project |

Eclipse Modeling Project | The Eclipse Foundation


Epsilon Labs

GME: Generic Modeling Environment | Institute for Software Integrated Systems


Eclipse Modeling Project | The Eclipse Foundation

Xtext - Language Engineering Made Easy!

Xtext - Community

Xtend - Modernized Java

Kermeta 3 - Executable Meta-Modeling

The Melange Language Workbench - Melange

Xtext - Language Engineering Made Easy!

MPS: The Domain-Specific Language Creator by JetBrains

Spoofax: The Language Designer’s Workbench - Spoofax

metaborg/spoofax: Spoofax runtime

The Melange Language Workbench - Melange

diverse-project/melange: The Melange Language Workbench

Kermeta 3 - Executable Meta-Modeling

diverse-project/k3: action language providing open class mechanism to xtend/java

Actifsource - Actifsource

Introduction to SimpleLanguage

Language Implementations

Academic Publications

Overview · Serde

serde-rs/serde: Serialization framework for Rust

serde-rs/json: Strongly typed JSON library for Rust

Writing a data format · Serde

serde-rs/example-format: An example Serializer and Deserializer data format for Serde

LingDong-/wax: A tiny programming language that transpiles to C, C++, Java, TypeScript, Python, C#, Swift, Lua and WebAssembly 🚀

Metadesk | Dion Systems

racket/racket: The Racket repository

racket/ChezScheme: Chez Scheme

The Racket Reference

racketscript/racketscript: Racket to JavaScript Compiler

brag: a better Racket AST generator