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CS 6120

CS 6120

CS 6120

CS 6120

CS 6120: The Self-Guided Course

sampsyo/cs6120: advanced compilers

COMP 181 - Compilers

Let’s Build a Compiler

Blog archives - Dr. Brian Robert Callahan

ibara/bf.ssa: Brainfuck compiler written in QBE IR.

Brian Robert Callahan

ibara/pl0c: Self-hosting PL/0 to C compiler to teach basic compiler construction from a practical, hands-on perspective.

Brian Robert Callahan

Brian Robert Callahan

ibara/a80: Intel 8080/Zilog Z80 assembler written in D.

Brian Robert Callahan

ibara/d80: Intel 8080/Zilog Z80 disassembler written in D.

Brian Robert Callahan

Compiling Scheme to C with flat closure conversion

Jobhdez/scheme-to-c: A scheme to c compiler

Engineering a Compiler - 3rd Edition

Compilers for Humans

Writing a C Compiler, Part 1

Writing a compiler in Ruby, bottom up

Brief Introduction to Recursive Descent Parsing in C/C++

Sparse conditional constant propagation - Wikipedia

natalie-lang/natalie: a unique Ruby implementation, compiled to C++ (WIP)