janet-lang/janet: A dynamic language and bytecode vm

Cyber - Fast and concurrent scripting.

fubark/cyber: Fast and concurrent scripting.

Table of Contents ยท Crafting Interpreters

โ€“ Wren

wren-lang/wren: The Wren Programming Language. Wren is a small, fast, class-based concurrent scripting language.

munificent/magpie: The Magpie programming language

munificent/finch: The Finch programming language

dart-lang/sdk: The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.

Squirrel - The Programming Language

albertodemichelis/squirrel: Official repository for the programming language Squirrel

mruby/mruby: Lightweight Ruby

artichoke/artichoke: ๐Ÿ’Ž Artichoke is a Ruby made with Rust

The Programming Language Lua

The LuaJIT Project

LPeg - Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua

Home - Pike Programming Language

pikelang/Pike: Pike is a dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to Java and C. It is simple to learn, does not require long compilation passes and has powerful built-in data types allowing simple and really fast data manipulation.