Signals, Reactivity

damianstasik/awesome-reactivity: A curated list of awesome granular reactivity libraries

BuilderIO/framework-benchmarks: Test each framework for it’s performance cost


Super Charging Fine-Grained Reactive Performance - DEV Community


README · MobX 🇺🇦

Deriving information with computeds · MobX 🇺🇦

Becoming fully reactive: an in-depth explanation of MobX | HackerNoon

Kefir.js — fast and light Reactive Programming library for JavaScript inspired by Bacon.js and RxJS


ReactiveX/rxjs: A reactive programming library for JavaScript

Tracker | Meteor API Docs

nx-js/observer-util: Transparent reactivity with 100% language coverage. Made with ❤️ and ES6 Proxies.

salesforce/observable-membrane: A Javascript Membrane implementation using Proxies to observe mutation on an object graph

Reactivity Fundamentals | Vue.js

Reactivity in Depth | Vue.js

State Management | Vue.js

Reactivity API: Core | Vue.js

Reactivity API: Utilities | Vue.js

Reactivity API: Advanced | Vue.js

core/packages/reactivity at main · vuejs/core · GitHub

Signals | Preact: Fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM.

preactjs/signals: Manage state with style in every framework

signals/index.ts at main · preactjs/signals · GitHub

signals/packages/react at main · preactjs/signals · GitHub

adamhaile/S: S.js - Simple, Clean, Fast Reactive Programming in Javascript

Riim/cellx: The ultra-fast implementation of reactivity for javascript

WebReflection/usignal: A blend of @preact/signals-core and solid-js basic reactivity API

AmadeusITGroup/tansu: tansu is a lightweight, push-based state management library. It borrows the ideas and APIs originally designed and implemented by Svelte stores.

effector/effector: Business logic with ease ☄️

artalar/act: Act is the most efficient reactive state library in both: speed, size, correctness.

nanostores/nanostores: A tiny (334 bytes) state manager for React/RN/Preact/Vue/Svelte with many atomic tree-shakable stores

RxAngular | RxAngular

RFC: NgRx SignalStore · ngrx/platform · Discussion #3796

Prototype of the RxJS interop layer for signals by alxhub · Pull Request #49154 · angular/angular

refactor(core): prototype of signals, a reactive primitive for Angular by alxhub · Pull Request #49091 · angular/angular

[Watch This Space] Angular Reactivity with Signals · angular/angular · Discussion #49090

Incrementally computed signals | signia

Getting Started | signia

What Are Signals? | Hacker News


SolidJS · Reactive Javascript Library

SolidJS · Reactive Javascript Library

solid/signal.ts at main · solidjs/solid · GitHub

solid/packages/solid/store at main · solidjs/solid · GitHub

State - Qwik

A Brief History of Reactivity

useSignal() is the Future of Web Frameworks

Signals vs. Observables, what’s all the fuss about?

Building Framer Motion Animations Inside a Qwik Application

Web APIs for smooth resource intensive apps Blog

(4) Manu (Qwik) on Twitter: “People find surprising how frameworks, @nextjs’s hybrid approach, @QwikDev ‘s resumability, and @remix progressiveness are remades of old ideas. Exactly folks! this is how design iteration works, the past is full of good ideas, that today can be done without the same footguns.…” / Twitter

(4) Manu (Qwik) on Twitter: “Svelte developers love this feature! Now, thanks to signals it’s also in @QwikDev (maybe soon in react?) input bind:value=signal /> Let me show it to you 👇” / Twitter

Web Performance Calendar » Signals: the nitty-gritty

WebReflection/signal: An extremely basic signals implementation.