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class Int

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Raku/nqp: NQP

nqp/overview.markdown at master · Raku/nqp

Rakudo Compiler - Rakudo Compiler for Raku Programming Language

rakudo/rakudo: 🦋 Rakudo – Raku on MoarVM, JVM, and JS

rakudo/running.pod at master · rakudo/rakudo

MoarVM/bootstrap.c at a71eee4c25ae9335f5cdea771255c34b936a43f9 · MoarVM/MoarVM

Raku’s “core”

masak/alma: ALgoloid with MAcros – a language with Algol-family syntax where macros take center stage

Relationship of P6 and/or 007 macros to FEXPRs · Issue #302 · masak/alma

Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web

React in some way to MetaOCaml · Issue #555 · masak/alma

React in some way to MetaOCaml · Issue #555 · masak/alma

Implementation update on lexical lookup via quasis/injectiles, etc · Issue #410 · masak/alma

Scope-related mishap in ‘my’ declaration in quasi · Issue #212 · masak/alma

Implement infix:ff and family · Issue #207 · masak/alma

A musing on scoping

Happy 10th anniversary, Perl 6 :: Strangely Consistent

Why I’m Learning Perl 6 – Evan Miller

PowerPoint Presentation - 2020-cic-rakuast.pdf

Rakudo and NQP Internals - The guts tormented implementers made - slides-day2.pdf

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Raku on Exercism

On Troll Hugging, Hole Digging, and Improving Open Source Communities | Zoffix Znet []

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Apocalypse 1: The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good