Fennel Neovim

Quick start: Fennel (stdio) 路 Olical/conjure Wiki

Quick start: Fennel (Aniseed) 路 Olical/conjure Wiki

Olical/aniseed: Neovim configuration and plugins in Fennel (Lisp compiled to Lua)

rktjmp/hotpot.nvim: Carl Weathers #1 Neovim Plugin.

udayvir-singh/tangerine.nvim: 馃崐 Sweet Fennel integration for Neovim

udayvir-singh/hibiscus.nvim: Flavored Fennel Macros for Neovim

datwaft/themis.nvim: Fennel macros for hotpot.nvim created for my personal Neovim configuration.

tsbohc/zest.nvim: macros to configure neovim in fennel

jaawerth/fennel-nvim: running fennel-lang natively in neovim

gpanders/nvim-moonwalk: Use any language that compiles to Lua in your Neovim configuration

ec965/bulb.nvim: Fennel compiler through Neovim


Enoch - Using Neovim as a Fennel Compiler

magic-kit/init.fnl at main 路 Olical/magic-kit 路 GitHub

Olical/magic-kit: A starter kit for Conjure, Aniseed and Neovim

dotfiles/plugin.fnl at main 路 Olical/dotfiles 路 GitHub

nyoom-engineering/nyoom.nvim: A Neovim framework and doom emacs alternative for the stubborn martian hacker. Powered by fennel and the oxocarbon theme

datwaft/nvim.conf: datwaft鈥檚 neovim configuration using Fennel

practicalli/neovim-config-redux: A Fennel based configuration for Neovim (0.8.0 onward), aimed mainly at Clojure developers

practicalli/neovim-config: Neovim 9.x Fennel config with lazy package manager, Conjure & LSP support for Clojure development

jhchabran/nvim-config: nvim 0.8 config written in Fennel

TunkShif/nvim: Fennel powered neovim configuration.

katawful/dotfiles-nvim: Dotfiles for neovim

Cassin01/nvim-conf: Fennel based neovim configuration

mwebb387/nvim-config-bistro: Using fennel to cook up a tasty Lua config ready to be consumed with a 鈥渇ork鈥

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