the Fennel programming language

Fennel – Setting up Fennel

Fennel – Getting Started with Fennel

Fennel – Lua Primer

Fennel – Learning Fennel from Clojure

Fennel – Style Guide

Fennel – Macro Guide

Fennel – Fennel’s Lua API

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bakpakin/Fennel: Lua Lisp Language

Home · bakpakin/Fennel Wiki

Projects - Technomancy

~technomancy/antifennel - Reverse the process of the Fennel compiler - sourcehut git

See Fennel

Language Showcase: Fennel - by Jeaye Wilkerson

Raymarching with Fennel and LÖVE · Andrey Listopadov

Condition system for Fennel language and Lua runtime · Andrey Listopadov

Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Lua’s Multi-Values - Benaiah Mischenko

in which interactive development saves the day - Technomancy

in which a compiler takes steps towards strapping its boots - Technomancy

in which five different paths lead to methods - Technomancy - wg - repo2html

agzam/spacehammer: Hammerspoon config inspired by Spacemacs

Fennel wiki: lume

Fennel wiki: parser

Fennel wiki: state-machine

Fennel wiki: Currying

Fennel wiki: Range-iterator

Fennel wiki: your-own-modules

Fennel wiki: Repl

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