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Buzztrax/buzzmachines: Buzzmachines released as open source.

buzz forums - Index page

MadTracker-FOSS/MadTracker3: Continuation of the MadTracker project, aimed at Windows/Mac/Linux support

MadTracker - About MadTracker


VividTracker | Amiga mod tracker for iPhone and iPad

Oxide Tracker by Paranoid Cactus

tildearrow/furnace: a multi-system chiptune tracker compatible with DefleMask modules

BeepComp - Chiptune App

Hively Tracker

pete-gordon/hivelytracker: Chip music tracker based on AHX

klystrack by kometbomb

kometbomb/klystrack: A chiptune tracker

MobyGamer/MONOTONE: A multi-voice tracker for the PC speaker.

Little Sound Dj


Sonant Live - online music tracker

SoundBox - an online music editor

mbitsnbites/soundbox: SoundBox is an HTML5 synth music tracker/editor, suitable for creating music for small JavaScript demos (4K / 8K).


Tracker online

steffest/BassoonTracker: Webbased old-school Amiga music tracker in plain old javascript - Plays and edits Amiga Mod files and FastTracker XM files

BassoonTracker - Amiga music tracker - by Steffest

igorski/efflux-tracker: Browser based music making application driving modular synths, samplers and effects using a tracker interface. Supports MIDI controllers and provides both local and Dropbox project storage.

Efflux - Make music online

pgregory/wetracker: A collaborative web based music creation tool based on the Tracker heritage.

WeTracker | A Collaborative, Online Music Creation Suite

Posts | WeTracker

Intro | WeTracker

schismtracker/schismtracker: An oldschool sample-based music composition tool.

milkytracker/MilkyTracker: An FT2 compatible music tracker

Buzztrax/buzztrax: Buzztrax is a modular music composer for Linux.

OpenMPT/openmpt: Official read-only git mirror of the OpenMPT and libopenmpt subversion repository at This repository may occasionally get rebased without further notice when subversion revision properties (commit message) get fixed in recent history after the fact. Be sure to rebase often in case you clone or fork it. - home of 8bitbubsy

8bitbubsy (8bitbubsy) / Repositories

stohrendorf/ppplay: An old-fashioned Module Player

neumatho/NostalgicPlayer: Music/module player written in C# that can play old modules from the Amiga and PC days.

gotracker/gotracker: Go-based music tracker

gotracker/playback: Go playback library for tracker music

AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912, YM2149 Homepage

z00m128/vortextracker25: Vortex Tracker 2.5

chrisleewoo/PyTracker-MIDI: A music sequencer inspired by LSDJ and nanoloop for circuitpython.

robrohan (Rob Rohan)

MrZeusTheCoder/Timbre: A totally cool fork of a totally cool music tracker.

hundredrabbits/Marabu: Music Synthetiser

PlayerPro music editor and SoundTracker download |

hukkax/Propulse: A crossplatform ProTracker clone with an Impulse Tracker-style interface

Arkos Tracker 2 – The ultimate musical tool for Amstrad CPC, Atari ST/XE/XL, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Oric, Apple 2, Vectrex and Sharp MZ-700!

DefleMask Tracker

igorski/slocum-tracker: JavaScript based tracker application that exports compositions into assembly code for Paul Slocums Sequencer Kit for Atari 2600

Slocum Tracker



herrnst/impulsetracker: Fork/clone of - Full source code for Impulse Tracker, including sound drivers, network drivers, and some supporting documentation

hitchhikr/protrekkr: Tracker/Synth program

hitchhikr SoftWorks



Oktalyzer - Amiga - RobotPlanet

Tracker - Things and Stuff Wiki

List of Trackers :: Battle of the Bits Lyceum

Inverse Phase: TUMblog! • Breaking the 4-channel barrier: The PC Tracker War…

20 years of Impulse Tracker | Jeffrey Lim’s Blog

20 Years of Impulse Tracker, Part 2 | Jeffrey Lim’s Blog

Oldskooler Ramblings

Impulse Tracker anyone? -

United Trackers -

kit lists of dnb hardware studios past and present | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

Search results for query: tracker | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

This ‘grid’ is a maze | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

The Board | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

The Grid | DOA | Drum & Bass Forum

Trackers! - Equipment - lines

Dirtywave/M8HeadlessFirmware: M8 Headless Precompiled Firmware

M8Docs/ at main · Dirtywave/M8Docs

(6) DIY Dirtywave M8 headless using a Teensy 4.1 microcomputer - YouTube

(6) Trackers: The Sound of 16-Bit - YouTube

(6) Keep On Trackin’ - Amiga MODs, A 16-Bit Musical Adventure into the World of Amiga Tracker Music - YouTube

(6) etracker - YouTube

(6) Trakblaster 2.0 playing Turrican II remix - YouTube

(6) o - YouTube

(6) XSM - YouTube

(6) the MMM show ep10 - YouTube

(6) p2 - mace base - YouTube

(6) floating - YouTube

PreTracker 1.5 by Abyss :: pouë

Abyss Homepage v4 - now SQL-powered

tildearrow/furnace: a multi-system chiptune tracker compatible with DefleMask modules

arnaud-neny/rePlayer: another multi-formats music player