terser/html-minifier-terser: actively maintained fork of html-minifier - minify HTML, CSS and JS code using terser - supports ES6 code

terser/terser: 🗜 JavaScript parser, mangler and compressor toolkit for ES6+

terser/terser-bundle: A super fast EcmaScript compiler and bundler tightly integrated with Terser.

kangax/html-minifier: Javascript-based HTML compressor/minifier (with Node.js support)

wilsonzlin/minify-html: Extremely fast and smart HTML + JS + CSS minifier, available for Rust, Deno, Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and WASM

srod/node-minify: Light Node.js module that compress javascript, css and html files

Swaagie/minimize: Minimize HTML

xem/miniMinifier: HTML/CSS/JS minifiers in 128+ bytes

magiclen/html-minifier: This library can help you generate and minify your HTML code at the same time. It also supports to minify JS and CSS in style, script elements, and ignores the minification of pre elements.

xxczaki/minifly: 🗜️ Minify different types of files easily

vitejs/awesome-vite: ⚡️ A curated list of awesome things related to Vite.js

vbenjs/vite-plugin-html: A vite plugin for processing html. It is developed based on lodash template

nytimes/rd-bundler-3d-plugins: Bundler plugins for optimizing glTF 3D models

UstymUkhman/vite-plugin-glsl: :spider_web: Import, inline (and compress) GLSL shader files :electric_plug:

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histoire/examples at main · histoire-dev/histoire · GitHub

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Welcome to Threlte.

Theatre.js - animation toolbox for the web

theatre-js/theatre: Motion design editor for the web

Motion Canvas - A TypeScript library for creating animated videos using the Canvas API.

Hellenic/demoscene-engine: WebGL Demoscene engine to kickstart your browser demos or games

leon196/CookieEngine: WebGL Demotool

ninjadev/nin: nin is ninjatool

ninjadev/renin: A reimagining of WIP.

renin/renin/src/renin.ts at main · ninjadev/renin · GitHub

0b5vr/automaton: Animation engine for creative coding

PacktPublishing/OpenGL-4-Shading-Language-Cookbook-Third-Edition: OpenGL 4 Shading Language Cookbook - Third Edition, published by Packt