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enisdenjo/graphql-ws: Coherent, zero-dependency, lazy, simple, GraphQL over WebSocket Protocol compliant server and client.

graphql-ws/ at master · enisdenjo/graphql-ws · GitHub

enisdenjo/graphql-sse: Zero-dependency, HTTP/1 safe, simple, GraphQL over Server-Sent Events Protocol server and client.

graphql-sse/ at master · enisdenjo/graphql-sse · GitHub

contra/graphql-helix: A highly evolved GraphQL HTTP Server 🧬

GraphQL Helix

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zalando-incubator/graphql-jit: GraphQL execution using a JIT compiler

Escape - The GraphQL Security Blog

Valhalla Content Hub | Gatsby

gabotechs/graphqxl: GraphQXL is a new language built on top of the GraphQL syntax that extends the original language with some additional features useful for creating scalable and big server side schemas. This repository contains the source code for the GraphQXL compiler.

Intro - GraphQXL book

GraphQL backends made easy – Grafbase

Simplify building realtime applications with GraphQL Live Queries – Grafbase

TypeGraphQL · Modern framework for GraphQL API in Node.js

MichalLytek/typegraphql-prisma: Prisma generator to emit TypeGraphQL types and CRUD resolvers from your Prisma schema

Getting started guide for Pothos GraphQL

hayes/pothos: Pothos GraphQL is library for creating GraphQL schemas in typescript using a strongly typed code first approach

GraphQL Nexus · Declarative, Code-First GraphQL Schemas for JavaScript/TypeScript

Nexus Prisma - Prisma plugin for Nexus – Nextra

RedwoodJS: The App Framework for Startups |

GraphQL with Database & Prisma | Next-Generation ORM for SQL Databases

Prisma schema (Reference)

Building GraphQL servers with Prisma

Prisma Playground | Learn the Prisma ORM in your browser

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Connect · Simple, reliable, interoperable. A better gRPC.

Errors | Connect

buf/connect/demo/eliza/v1/eliza.proto · bufbuild/eliza

protobuf-es/ at main · bufbuild/protobuf-es · GitHub

Buf | Connect: A better gRPC



bufbuild/buf: A new way of working with Protocol Buffers.

Connect: A Better gRPC | Hacker News

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Example Apps | tRPC

Page server data | tRPC-SvelteKit

Zod | Documentation

ianstormtaylor/superstruct: A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript (and TypeScript).

jquense/yup: Dead simple Object schema validation

supermacro/neverthrow: Type-Safe Errors for JS & TypeScript

Rust to WebAssembly the hard way —

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Nhost: The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL

nhost/nhost: The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL.