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3.8.3 Documentation

The Python Tutorial - Python 3.8.3 documentation

The Python Standard Library - Python 3.8.3 documentation

The Python Language Reference - Python 3.8.3 documentation

Disassembly and decompilation


dis - Disassembler for Python bytecode - Python 3.8.4rc1 documentation






PyPy documentation

PyPy Status Blog


greenlet: Lightweight concurrent programming - greenlet 0.4.0 documentation



MicroPython - Python for microcontrollers

Nuitka Home


Manim Community


3.7.9 Documentation

Tasklets — Lightweight threads — Stackless-Python 3.9.0a0 documentation

greenlet: Lightweight concurrent programming — greenlet 2.0.0a3.dev0 documentation

Grant T. Olson - Introduction to Stackless Python

Documentation — Zope Project and Community documentation

ZODB - a native object database for Python — ZODB documentation

Things I’ve learned building a modern TUI framework | Hacker News


Textualize/textual: Textual is a TUI (Text User Interface) framework for Python inspired by modern web development.

Textualize/rich: Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.

erg-lang/erg: A Python-compatible statically typed language

Basics - The Erg book

Nuitka the Python Compiler — Nuitka the Python Compiler documentation

Nuitka/Nuitka: Nuitka is a Python compiler written in Python. It’s fully compatible with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10. You feed it your Python app, it does a lot of clever things, and spits out an executable or extension module.

Python Wheels

Pyodide — Version 0.21.0

pyodide/pyodide: Pyodide is a Python distribution for the browser and Node.js based on WebAssembly

Timeouts and cancellation for humans — njs blog

Control-C handling in Python and Trio — njs blog

Tutorial — Trio 0.21.0 documentation

Example of a data race in Python


Python Is Not A Great Programming Language

3. Data model — Python 3.11.2 documentation

Built-in Functions — Python 3.11.2 documentation

Design and History FAQ — Python 3.11.2 documentation

Why does map return a map object instead of a list in Python 3? - Stack Overflow


mitsuhiko/rye: an experimental alternative to poetry/pip/pipenv/pyenv/venv/virtualenv/pdm/hatch/…


Textualize/trogon: Easily turn your Click CLI into a powerful terminal application

Textualize/frogmouth: A Markdown browser for your terminal

Writing Python like it’s Rust | Kobzol’s blog

Real Multithreading is Coming to Python - Learn How You Can Use It Now | Martin Heinz | Personal Website & Blog

PEP 684 – A Per-Interpreter GIL |

PEP 554 – Multiple Interpreters in the Stdlib |

zanellia/prometeo: An experimental Python-to-C transpiler and domain specific language for embedded high-performance computing

LPython |

lcompilers/lpython: Python compiler


Deciphering Glyph :: index

mypyc 1.5.0+dev.719e7e77a52d30146de3a95ee2b6baf69a11eb17.dirty documentation


Introduction - PyO3 user guide

Using Python as glue — NumPy v1.25 Manual

PyPy Status Blog: Inside cpyext: Why emulating CPython C API is so Hard

Thoughts on the Python packaging ecosystem | Pradyun Gedam

pypa/auditwheel: Auditing and relabeling cross-distribution Linux wheels.

matthew-brett/delocate: Find and copy needed dynamic libraries into python wheels

When Things Go Wrong — PyInstaller 5.12.0 documentation

Package Discovery and Resource Access using pkg_resources - setuptools 68.0.0.post20230619 documentation

PyPI Download Stats

You Can Build Portable Binaries of Python Applications


hynek/doc2dash: Create docsets for API browsers.

Deciphering Glyph :: Building And Distributing A macOS Application Written in Python

Deciphering Glyph :: Python Packaging Is Good Now

radix/corotwine: Corotwine is a coroutine-based API that uses Twisted as its event loop.

eventlet · PyPI

gevent · PyPI

PEP 3156 – Asynchronous IO Support Rebooted: the “asyncio” Module |

(161) Armin Rigo - The GIL is dead: PyPy-STM - YouTube