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Introduction | MobX

Read Me · Redux

markerikson/react-redux-links: Curated tutorial and resource links I’ve collected on React, Redux, ES6, and more

react-redux-links/ at master · markerikson/react-redux-links

Read Me · Redux-Saga

heroku/react-refetch: A simple, declarative, and composable way to fetch data for React components


useHooks - Easy to understand React Hook recipes

Frontend Armory

CSS Reference - A free visual guide to CSS

HTML Reference - A free guide to all HTML elements and attributes.

TC39 – Specifying JavaScript.

Best of JavaScript

2018 JavaScript Rising Stars

js-framework-benchmark results

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 - Learn the entire JavaScript, CSS and HTML development practice!

Custom Elements Everywhere

Website Style Guide Resources

AMP - a web component framework to easily create user-first web experiences - - Powered by Kaazing

Free for developers



WinBox - HTML5 window manager


GitHub - syxanash/awesome-web-desktops: Websites, web apps, portfolios which look like desktop graphical user interfaces


macOS in Svelte

GitHub - PuruVJ/macos-web

TandoorRecipes/recipes: Application for managing recipes, planning meals, building shopping lists and much much more!

2021 Roundup of Web Research | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

Tandoor Recipes

devPT - Comunidade de Developers Portugueses

Welcome to the wonderful world of Web Performance

WebPageTest - Website Performance and Optimization Test

Boomerang | Akamai Developer

ganja.js | :triangular_ruler: Javascript Geometric Algebra Generator for Javascript, c++, c#, rust, python. (with operator overloading and algebraic literals) -

Path2D - Web APIs | MDN

Try quick-lint-js in your browser


Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers

Web Neural Network API

Intro | Under-the-hood-ReactJS

pomber/didact: A DIY guide to build your own React

Build your own React

senchalabs/connect: Connect is a middleware layer for Node.js


Issues · OneGraph/onegraph-changelog

utterance/utterances: A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues

Realtime Sync for Every Application

rocicorp/replicache: Realtime Sync for Any Backend Stack

Firepad - An open source collaborative code and text editor

share/sharedb: Realtime database backend based on Operational Transformation (OT)

Home is where the bits flow

Remix | Developer Blog

pmndrs/leva: 🌋 React-first components GUI

Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System

vercel/platforms: A template for site builders and low-code tools.

fireship-io/ Build and ship your app faster

appsmithorg/appsmith: Low code project to build admin panels, internal tools, and dashboards. Integrates with 15+ databases and any API.

Appsmith | Open-source workbench for internal tools

Product Features -

Welcome | Lektor Static Content Management System

AppFlowy-IO/AppFlowy: AppFlowy is an open-source alternative to Notion. You are in charge of your data and customizations. Built with Flutter and Rust.


nextui-org/nextui: 🚀 Beautiful, fast and modern React UI library.

Getting started | NextUI - Beautiful, fast and modern React UI Library

Introduction - Geist UI

Vue.js Framework Components - Vuesax

Stitches — CSS-in-JS with near-zero runtime

ciderapp/Cider: Project Cider. A new look into listening and enjoying Apple Music in style and performance. 🚀

RunaCapital/awesome-oss-alternatives: Awesome list of open-source startup alternatives to well-known SaaS products 🚀

observablehq/plot: A concise API for exploratory data visualization

radix-ui/primitives: An open-source UI component library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and web apps. Maintained by @modulz.

Primitives — Radix UI


porfirioribeiro (porfirioribeiro) / Repositories

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

404 Not Found

maierfelix (Felix Maier) / Repositories

Ziggit - Can You Ziggit?

Awesome tiny games in 11 programming languages - WASM-4 Jam 2022 results! - YouTube

rsms/estrella: Lightweight and versatile build tool based on the esbuild compiler

preactjs/wmr: 👩‍🚀 The tiny all-in-one development tool for modern web apps.

boltpkg/bolt: ⚡️ Super-powered JavaScript project management

RobinCsl/awesome-js-tooling-not-in-js: A curated list of JavaScript tooling not written in JavaScript

Installation | Paperclip

Medusa - the open source Shopify alternative

Microsoft Orleans documentation | Microsoft Learn

(1) Nikhil Saraf on Twitter: “@karanganesan @RyanCarniato @alecdotbiz @RelevantElement @solid_js was built with it!!” / Twitter

Solid Chess

Why we need more data art - YouTube

Matthias Stahl - Looking like a Lost Sheep – beyond tellerrand Düseldorf 2021 - YouTube (@EU_opendata) / Twitter

EUPublicationsOffice 🇪🇺 (@EULawDataPubs) / Twitter

(41) 20 Award-Winning JavaScript Games – js13kGames 2021 Winners - YouTube

JYC (@jycouet) / Twitter

#buildinpublic - Twitter Search / Twitter

Community - Replit


replit/kaboom: 💥 JavaScript game library

Replit - Design to code better

CodeMirror 6

Class Models | mobx-keystone

Quickstart / Endpoint Services / Observable

Web Neural Network API

strawman:guards [ES Wiki]

samuelgoto/proposal-optional-types: A proposal for an optional type system for JS.

samuelgoto/proposal-pluggable-types: A stage 0 proposal to add a pluggable type system to JavaScript

What & Why | Hegel

Index | Hegel

Blog — Rome

haxiomic (haxiomic) / Repositories

Getting started with react and canvas via Konva | Konva - JavaScript 2d canvas library

konvajs/konva: Konva.js is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications.


Tamagui — React Native + Web UI kit

ultralight-ux/Ultralight: Next-generation HTML renderer for apps and games

Ultralight - Next-Generation HTML Renderer for Desktop Apps and Games

rety: Live coding without the stress

Welcome | Feature-Sliced Design

LyraSearch/lyra: 🌌 Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript.

✨ Lyra

MathisBullinger/froebel: A strictly typed utility library.

beenotung/tslib: utils library in Typescript

vuejs/petite-vue: 6kb subset of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement

The Web Platform: Browser technologies

view/lib at main · xania/view

leeoniya/uFuzzy: A tiny, efficient fuzzy search that doesn’t suck

novuhq/novu: ⭐ A fully functional real-time notification center for your web and react apps. The only open-source notifications infrastructure that manages multi-channel content, scheduled notifications, digest engine, user preferences, and delivers Email, SMS, Push and Chat notifications using a single API. ⚡

Novu - The open-source notification infrastructure

Plane Docs

Plane: per-user backends for ambitious web apps | Drifting in Space

drifting-in-space/plane: Session backend orchestrator for ambitious browser-based apps.

Jamsocket: Deploy webapps that give every user a backend


(2) William Candillon - YouTube


bundlejs - Online bundler + npm package bundle size checker

Blog - Next.js 13 | Next.js


Turbopack - The successor to Webpack

kdy1 (Donny/강동윤)

dudykr/stc: Speedy TypeScript type checker

STC: Speedy type checker - STC

Membrane is Back!. Good news everyone! We’ve spent the… | by Juan Campa | Medium

First Alpha version of Membrane - Juan Campa - Medium

With YunoHost, you can easily manage a server for your friends, association or enterprise. Learn more • YunoHost

Build modern websites, online. · Nuxt Studio

Announcing 3.0 · Nuxt

Home | ⚗️ Nitro

tiged/tiged: Community driven fork of degit

Build Cloud Agnostic Serverless Apps

theninthsky/client-side-rendering: A case study of CSR.

2022 Roundup of Web Research | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

Consistency Made Simple : PLOP

plopjs/plop: Consistency Made Simple

hattipjs/hattip: Like Express, but for the future

gluon-framework/gluon: A new framework for creating desktop apps from websites, using system installed browsers and NodeJS


sindresorhus/type-fest: A collection of essential TypeScript types

Web Performance Calendar » An HTML-first Mental Model

MJML - The Responsive Email Framework

react-pdf playground


diegomura/react-pdf: 📄 Create PDF files using React

On-Scroll Typography Animations | Codrops


parcel-bundler/parcel: The zero configuration build tool for the web. 📦🚀

DeMoorJasper/parcel-plugin-svelte: A parcel plugin that enables svelte support

HellButcher/parcel-transformer-svelte3-plus: Svelte3 Transformer for Parcel V2

Rome Playground

rome/tools: Unified developer tools for JavaScript, TypeScript, and the web


Turbopack - The successor to Webpack

vercel/turbo: Incremental bundler and build system optimized for JavaScript and TypeScript, written in Rust – including Turbopack and Turborepo.

Nx: Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System

nrwl/nx: Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System

Sarah L. Fossheim

(1) from:@paulg difference between - Twitter Search / Twitter


The Valley of Code

OpenDirective Blog - OpenDirective Blog

estools/esquery: ECMAScript AST query library.


(2) “Of JavaScript Ahead-Of-Time Compilation Performance” by Manuel Serrano (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube

My talk on CSS runtime performance | Read the Tea Leaves; November 2–3, 2023, Amsterdam

replace current outline algorithm with one based on heading levels by stevefaulkner · Pull Request #7829 · whatwg/html

There Is No Document Outline Algorithm — Adrian Roselli

Why we need CSS Speech - Tink - Léonie Watson

CSS Speech Module Level 1


Date input – GOV.UK Design System

Use the dialog element (reasonably) |

Introduction | Sandpack Docs – Sandpack

Stackblitz - Webcontainer Api Starter (forked) - StackBlitz

Quickstart | WebContainers

Building your first WebContainer app | WebContainers

Minimum Common Web Platform API

A Community Group for Web-interoperable JavaScript runtimes

Rich-Harris/devalue: Gets the job done when JSON.stringify can’t

ivanhofer/exceptionally: A fully type-safe and lightweight way of using exceptions instead of throwing errors


The Frontend Studio for Nuxt Developers and Teams · Nuxt Studio

Instant colour fill with HTML Canvas – SOS



ShapeGroup/kimera-frontend-framework: Kimera is an open and free framework for frontend - It s not an mvc but kit for make layouts, ui, and more of web based code.

posthtml - HTML/XML processor