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Rosetta Code

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Programming Idioms


ponylang/ponyc: Pony is an open-source, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language

The Koka Programming Language

The Koka Programming Language

koka-lang/koka: Koka language compiler and interpreter


idris-lang/Idris2: A purely functional programming language with first class types

Mozart Programming System

Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming

(2) Bob Nystrom on Twitter: “A while back someone asked what research I did for “Crafting Interpreters”. Here’s the books I’ve read over the years:” / Twitter

JavaScript: The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language

mark-sweep/main.c at master · munificent/mark-sweep

Magpie Guide: Welcome

– Wren

wren-lang/wren: The Wren Programming Language. Wren is a small, fast, class-based concurrent scripting language.

wren-lang/wren-cli: A command line tool for the Wren programming language

Welcome | DOME

Aviv -

luxe engine | A lovingly crafted game engine

Stuff I Wrote About Programming Languages –

What I Learned at the Emerging Languages Camp –


codereport (Conor Hoekstra)

(170) code_report - YouTube

(181) Context Free - YouTube

The Worst Programming Language Ever - Mark Rendle - NDC Oslo 2021 - YouTube

Hush, a modern shell scripting language | Hacker News

Overview - Hush

Command blocks - Hush

mxgmn/MarkovJunior: Probabilistic language based on pattern matching and constraint propagation, 153 examples

JamesBoer/Jinx: Embeddable scripting language for real-time applications

Jinx Scripting Language

Ante: A low-level functional language | Hacker News


munificent/vigil: Vigil, the eternal morally vigilant programming language

Blog | Max Bernstein

Programming languages resources | Max Bernstein

“Another World” source code review

fabiensanglard/Another-World-Bytecode-Interpreter: “Fabother World” an interpreter for Another World (Out of this world).

Logo (programming language) - Wikipedia

UCBLogo - Wikipedia

Berkeley Logo (UCBLogo)

Ring (programming language) - Wikipedia

Getting Started - First Style — Ring 1.17 documentation

Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

Haxe - Wikipedia

A small benchmark for functional languages targeting web browsers (2 July 2022)

Hazel, a live functional programming environment featuring typed holes.

The Icon Programming Language™ |  articles |  article_20100320_a3_Getting_The_Message.html

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk


The Lobster Programming Language — Wouter van Oortmerssen

Lobster Language Reference

aardappel/lobster: The Lobster Programming Language

Drew’s Site

High Performance JVM for Superior Java | Azul Platform Prime


Programming Languages

frank-lang/frank: Frank compiler

leopoulson/frank: Frank compiler

Lukas Convent - Enhancing a Modular Effectful Programming Language

How I Start.

Passing a Language through the Eye of a Needle - ACM Queue

BQN: Finally, an APL for your flying saucer | Hacker News

BQN: finally, an APL for your flying saucer

Hedy - A gradual programming language

(6) “Hedy: A Gradual programming language” by Felienne Hermans (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube

losvedir/transit-lang-cmp: Programming language comparison by reimplementing the same transit data app

Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, AWK, Forth, and Rust

tylerlaceby/emu: Emu is a scripting language made for developing small desktop programs and cli tools.

tylerlaceby/guide-to-interpreters-series: Contains source-code for viewers following along with my Beginners Guide To Building Interpreters series on my Youtube Channel.

Naotonosato/Clawn: The Clawn Programming Language

Installation | ReScript Language Manual

Become a Programmer, Motherfucker

Infer Static Analyzer | Infer | Infer

microsoft/infersharp: Infer# is an interprocedural and scalable static code analyzer for C#. Via the capabilities of Facebook’s Infer, this tool detects null dereferences, resource leaks, and thread-safety violations. It also performs taint flow tracking to detect critical security vulnerabilities like SQL injections.

inhabitedtype/angstrom: Parser combinators built for speed and memory efficiency

K - APL Wiki


Shakti (k9) tutorial

morganstanley/hobbes: A language and an embedded JIT compiler

+/kei | K reference card

kevinlawler/kona: Open-source implementation of the K programming language

ktye/i: interpret

Letlang - Homepage

The Flix Programming Language

Cyber - Fast and concurrent scripting.

The Marquis de Geek - Maker, author, developer, magician, educator, musician, puzzler, sommelier, electronics expert and geek. Works with start-ups as CTO and entrepreneur

2022 • Conference Guide • Handmade Seattle

FOSDEM 2023 - Schedule

FOSDEM 2023 - Declarative and Minimalistic Computing devroom

FOSDEM 2023 - Matrix 2.0

FOSDEM 2023 - Algebraic Effects and Types as First-Class Features in the Fuzion Language

FOSDEM 2023 - IDP-Z3, a reasoning engine for FO(.)

PistonDevelopers/dyon: A rusty dynamically typed scripting language

SkookumScript - Superpowered game development.

Rholang - Rholang

Documentation page for Rholang 🎓 - Rchain network

Klong - T3X.ORG

An Introduction to Array Programming - T3X.ORG

marcobambini/gravity: Gravity Programming Language

AngelScript -


The Dhall configuration language

Modular Docs - Why Mojo🔥

Custom backend cookbook — Idris2 0.0 documentation

rationalis-petra/Glyph: A programming lanugage

Glyph: Elegant, Expressive, Interactive

The Agda Wiki

mmirman/caledon: higher order dependently typed logic programing

mingodad/squilu: A scripting language that accepts a subset of javascript and C/C++

mingodad/cyclone: Cyclone Language Compiler fixes to build on recent operating systems

mingodad/picat: My unofficial picat repository

Arend - Arend Theorem Prover


HigherOrderCO/HVM: A massively parallel, optimal functional runtime in Rust

HVM/ at master · HigherOrderCO/HVM · GitHub

HigherOrderCO/Kind: A next-gen functional language

Z-snails/Idris2jl: Julia backend for Idris 2

Eff Programming Language

An Overview of the Icon Programming Language; Version 9


witheve/Eve: Better tools for thought

witheve/eve-starter: Start here if you’re new to Eve.

lfortran/lfortran: Official main repository for LFortran

Programming Language Checklist | Colin McMillen