Mitosis Fiddle - compile to common frameworks, import from popular tools

Interactive Results

krausest/js-framework-benchmark: A comparison of the performance of a few popular javascript frameworks

fullwebdev/benchmark: A comparison of the perfomance of a few popular javascript frameworks

jorgebucaran/hyperapp: 1kB-ish JavaScript framework for building hypertext applications.

WebReflection/uhtml: A micro HTML/SVG render

Getting Started | Reef

localvoid/ivi: Lighweight Embeddable Web UI Library

Malina.js | API

Malina.js: Inverted-slot

malinajs/malinajs: Frontend compiler, inspired by Svelte

Qwik (@QwikDev) / Twitter

(4) Ryan Carniato (@RyanCarniato) / Twitter

leptos-rs/leptos: Build fast web applications with Rust.



You Might Not Need an Effect – React

(4) дэн on Twitter: “is anyone experimenting with RSC microfrontends? i don’t mean the ones where you use five different view libraries, but the ones where you deploy different parts independently. each independent team exposes RSC endpoint for their UIs. the main one composes their outputs together” / Twitter


vobyjs/voby: A high-performance framework with fine-grained observable-based reactivity for building rich applications.

sifrr/sifrr: Set of tiny, independent libraries for creating modern and fast webapps with javascript/typescript


ged-odoo/blockdom: A fast virtual dom library

luwes/sinuous: 🧬 Light, fast, reactive UI library

nextapps-de/mikado: Mikado is the webs fastest template library for building user interfaces.

Strawberry - Zero-Dependency, Build-Free JavaScript Framework

18alantom/strawberry: Zero-dependency, build-free framework for the artisanal web.