Window Functions

The WITH Clause

SQLite FTS5 Extension

JSON Functions And Operators

Many Small Queries Are Efficient In SQLite

The SQLite R*Tree Module

Datasette: An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data

simonw/datasette: An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data

Datasette: fixtures, content

The interesting ideas in Datasette

rclement/datasette-dashboards: Datasette plugin providing data dashboards from metadata

Litestream - Streaming SQLite Replication

Running in a Docker container - Litestream

benbjohnson/litestream: Streaming replication for SQLite.

benbjohnson/litestream-s6-example: Example repository for building a multi-process Docker container.

LiteFS - Distributed SQLite · Fly Docs

superfly/litefs: FUSE-based file system for replicating SQLite databases across a cluster of machines

litefs/ at main · superfly/litefs · GitHub

superfly/litefs-example: An example of deploying LiteFS on

superfly/ltx: Go library for the LTX file format

Introducing LiteFS · Fly

WAL Mode in LiteFS · Fly

I’m All-In on Server-Side SQLite · Fly

SQLite Internals: Pages & B-trees · Fly

How SQLite helps you do ACID · Fly

How SQLite Scales Read Concurrency · Fly

How the SQLite Virtual Machine Works · Fly


rqlite/rqlite: The lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite

rqlite | Vallified

Canonical Dqlite

canonical/dqlite: Embeddable, replicated and fault tolerant SQL engine.

chiselstrike/chiselstore: SQLite + Little Raft = 🚀

backtrace-labs/verneuil: Verneuil is a VFS extension for SQLite that asynchronously replicates databases to S3-compatible blob stores.

LiteReplica - SQLite Replication

How to use Litestream with SQLite & Prisma | Arnav Gosain

Bedrock by Expensify

Expensify/Bedrock: Rock solid distributed database specializing in active/active automatic failover and WAN replication



tersesystems/blacklite: “Fast as internal ring buffer” Logback/Log4J2 appender using SQLite with zstandard dictionary compression and rollover.

blacklite/ at main · tersesystems/blacklite · GitHub

DB Browser for SQLite - SQLite storage “in the cloud”

segmentio/ctlstore: Control Data Store

Ws4sqlite: Query SQLite via HTTP | Hacker News

proofrock/ws4sqlite: Query sqlite via http

psanford/sqlite3vfshttp: Go sqlite3 http vfs: query sqlite databases over http with range headers

michalc/sqlite-s3-query: Python functions to query SQLite files stored on S3

vlcn-io/cr-sqlite: Convergent, Replicated SQLite. Multi-writer and CRDT support for SQLite

asg017/sqlite-http: A SQLite extension for making HTTP requests purely in SQL

Introducing sqlite-http: A SQLite extension for making HTTP requests / Alex Garcia | Observable

asg017/sqlite-html: A SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and creating HTML elements.

Introducing sqlite-html: query, parse, and generate HTML in SQLite / Alex Garcia | Observable

SQLite-HTML: A SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and creating HTML | Hacker News

phiresky/sqlite-zstd: Transparent dictionary-based row-level compression for SQLite

sqlite-zstd: Transparent dictionary-based row-level compression for SQLite - An sqlite extension written in Rust to reduce the database size without losing functionality - phiresky’s blog

sql-js/sql.js: A javascript library to run SQLite on the web.


phiresky/sql.js-httpvfs: Hosting read-only SQLite databases on static file hosters like Github Pages

Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages - (or any static file hoster) - phiresky’s blog

nalgeon/sqlime: Online SQLite playground

Sqlime / About


sqlime/ at main · nalgeon/sqlime · GitHub

Sqlime / Employees Database

jlongster/absurd-sql: sqlite3 in ur indexeddb (hopefully a better backend soon)

rhashimoto/wa-sqlite: WebAssembly SQLite with experimental support for browser storage extensions

About the sqlite3 WASM/JS Subproject

SQLite Wasm in the browser backed by the Origin Private File System - Chrome Developers

An in-process SQL OLAP database management system - DuckDB

SQLite: Past, Present, and Future

Simon Willison on duckdb

libsql/libsql: libSQL is a fork of SQLite that is both Open Source, and Open Contributions.

libSQL | libSQL is an open source, open contribution fork of SQLite. We aim to evolve it to suit many more use cases than SQLite was originally designed for.

(7) libSQL (@libsqlhq) / Twitter

(129) Introducing a Query Acceleration Path for Analytics in SQLite3 - YouTube

(126) GopherCon 2021: Ben Johnson - Building Production Applications Using Go & SQLite - YouTube

WiseLibs/better-sqlite3: The fastest and simplest library for SQLite3 in Node.js.

phartenfeller/sveltekit-sqlite-offline-app: Offline usable SvelteKit data app. Uses SQLite3 WASM with the Origin-Private-File-System (OPFS).

jpwhite3/northwind-SQLite3: SQLite3 version of Microsoft’s Northwind Database

Part 1 - Introduction and Setting up the REPL | Let’s Build a Simple Database