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navneetsharmaui/discover-twitter-spaces: Discover Twitter Spaces is a tool that helps you find Twitter Spaces. We use data from Twitter to find the Twitter Spaces. You can use this tool to find Twitter Spaces.

codeAdrian/modern-fluid-typography-editor: Modern fluid typography editor

AviKKi/unnwhiteboard: List of tech jobs that don’t require Algo/DS knowledge, just interview and assignment on day-to-day developer tasks.

jesperorb/intl-explorer: Intl Explorer is an interactive tool for experimenting and trying out the ECMAScript Internationalization API.

Intl Explorer

Sveltekit WordPress Headless Blog - 1 - YouTube

svelte-forms: Forms validation made easy

chainlist/svelte-forms: Svelte forms validation made easy



cayter/kit: The modern toolkit to build monolith app rapidly.

pixelmund/svemix: The Full-Stack addition to SvelteKit. Write your server code inside svelte files, handle sessions, forms and SEO easily.

sw-yx/swyxkit: An opinionated blog starter for SvelteKit + Tailwind + Netlify. Refreshed for SvelteKit 1.0!

SveltePress/gui at main · GeopJr/SveltePress · GitHub

byjackli/experiments: collection of random mini-mini-projects

d4rekanguok/talenote: Storybook-esque component directory for Sveltekit

leveluptuts/gQuery: Not like jQuery. A GraphQL Fetcher & Cache for Svelte Kit

beynar/svelte-themes: Perfect SvelteKit dark mode in 2 lines of code. Support System preference and any other theme with no flashing

Let’s learn SvelteKit by building a static Markdown blog from scratch - Josh Collinsworth blog

josh-collinsworth/super-metroid-item-tracker: A checklist for Super Metroid, to track item collection as you progress through the game. Built with Svelte.

josh-collinsworth/svelte-todo: A basic to-do list app built in Svelte. Mostly just for me to learn Svelte and play with it.

josh-collinsworth/svelte-dad-joke: A small Svelte/TypeScript project with Netlify serverless functions. Uses the Dad Joke API to get random jokes or search jokes with query parameters.

josh-collinsworth/joco-sveltekit: The home of my static SvelteKit site.

josh-collinsworth/sveltekit-blog-starter: A preconfigured SvelteKit static blog starter, with Sass, Markdown, MDSvex, Rehype, background preloading, and more. See the README for full details.

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Integrating Storybook with SvelteKit - YouTube

janosh/awesome-sveltekit: Awesome examples of SvelteKit in the wild

paullj/timb: musical creative coding

timb(re) - code your next masterpiece

sveltinio/sveltin: The Smartest Way to Create SvelteKit powered static websites: a powerful CLI with batteries included

ymzuiku/svelte-zero-api: Use Svelte Kit APIs like client functions, support Typescript.

Refzlund/sveltekit-zero-api: Provides type-safety between front- and backend, and contains utility functions for handling errors and searchparameters

Introduction | KitDocs

svelteness/kit-docs: Documentation integration for SvelteKit.

SvelteKit on Netlify | Netlify Docs

Course Intro – Vercel Docs

Bringing the best GraphQL experience to Svelte – The Guild

Index – KitQL

(72) KitQL - The native SvelteKit library for GraphQL - YouTube

jycouet/kitql: A set of tools, helping you building efficient apps in a fast way. SvelteKit & GraphQL

geoffrich/sveltekit-view-transitions: Page transitions in SvelteKit with the View Transition API.

spiegelgraphics/speedskating: Olympia speedskating animation

sharu725/yuyutsu: A minimal Sveltekit template with a sidebar.

Home | Yuyutsu

lindgr3n/breeze-sveltekit: An application / authentication starter kit frontend in SvelteKit for Laravel Breeze.

Loading data • Docs • SvelteKit

SvelteKit Internals: Load function - Okupter

SvelteKit Internals: the handle hook - Okupter

Svelte vs SvelteKit: What’s the Difference? - Okupter

A content centered site build tool - Sveltepress

Native support for web sockets · Issue #1491 · sveltejs/kit

suhaildawood/SvelteKit-integrated-WebSocket: First-class support for WebSockets within SvelteKit by attaching a WebSocket server to the global state.

Using WebSockets With SvelteKit

icflorescu/trpc-sveltekit: End-to-end typesafe APIs with for your SvelteKit applications.

icflorescu/trpc-sveltekit-example: A sample SvelteKit application built to illustrate the usage of ✨ trpc-sveltekit.

mishankov/vite-svelte-trpc: Vite + Svelte + tRPC template

semicognitive/sveltekit-modal: Write Python endpoints in SvelteKit using Modal




jianyuan/sveltekit-ai-chatbot: A full-featured, hackable SvelteKit AI chatbot

Thoughts on Svelte(Kit), one year and 3 billion requests later