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unocss/unocss: The instant on-demand atomic CSS engine.

unocss/packages/vite at main · unocss/unocss · GitHub

unocss/packages/inspector at main · unocss/unocss · GitHub

unocss/packages/reset at main · unocss/unocss · GitHub

unocss/packages/transformer-compile-class at main · unocss/unocss · GitHub

unocss/packages/preset-icons at main · unocss/unocss · GitHub

antfu/unplugin-icons: 🤹 Access thousands of icons as components on-demand universally.

antfu/icones: ⚡️ Icon Explorer with Instant searching, powered by Iconify


Iconify - all open source icons in one framework

Search for “carbon” icons • Iconify

iconify/iconify: Universal icon framework. One syntax for FontAwesome, Material Design Icons, DashIcons, Feather Icons, EmojiOne, Noto Emoji and many other open source icon sets (100+ icon sets, 100,000+ icons). SVG framework, React, Vue and Svelte components!

iconify/icon-sets: 100+ open source icon sets. Icons are validated, cleaned up, optimised, ready to render as SVG. Updated automatically 3 times a week.

ui/packages/ui at main · nuxt/ui · GitHub

Anu | Anu

Onu UI | Popular, beautiful and fast UnoCSS component library

Home | Windi CSS

windicss/windicss: Next generation utility-first CSS framework.

windicss/svelte-windicss-preprocess: A Svelte Preprocessor to compile windicss at build time.

windicss/vite-plugin-windicss: 🍃 Windi CSS for Vite ⚡️

Getting Started: Installation •

tw-in-js/twind: The smallest, fastest, most feature complete Tailwind-in-JS solution in existence.

Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML.

tailwindlabs/tailwindcss: A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

Tailwind CSS v3.0 - Tailwind CSS

What’s new in Tailwind CSS v3.0? - YouTube

Tailwind UI - Official Tailwind CSS Components & Templates

daisyUI — Tailwind CSS Components

Tailwind Gradients - How to Make a Glowing Gradient Background

Master CSS - A Virtual CSS language with enhanced syntax.

master-co/css: A Virtual CSS language with enhanced syntax

Code your website faster with CSS-like utilities | Stylify CSS

stylify/packages: 💎 Monorepository for Stylify packages. Stylify uses CSS-like selectors to generate Extremely optimized utility-first CSS dynamically based on what you write 💎.

packages/packages/unplugin at master · stylify/packages · GitHub

itaditya/geass: Utility based scalable CSS with zero dependency

basscss/basscss: Low-level CSS Toolkit – the original Functional/Utility/Atomic CSS library


matvp91/stylemug: CSS in JS with support for static / atomic CSS extraction.

TACHYONS - Css Toolkit

tachyons-css/tachyons: Functional css for humans

Uniform CSS - Lightning Fast Utility Generator for Sass

ThinkUniform/uniformcss: A fully configurable utility class generator and CSS framework built for Sass projects.

Novout/ununuracss: 🖌️ Simplified On-Demand Atomic CSS Engine

mr150/mlut: Full-featured and hackable atomic CSS toolkit with unique syntax

Mlut documentation

robinweser/fela: State-Driven Styling in JavaScript


homebound-team/truss: A TypeScript DSL for writing utility CSS in React/JSX

acss-io/atomizer: A library to create small, reusable CSS that scales as your website grows.

Atomizer | An unopinionated CSS utility library for modern websites.

fractures/fractures: Baseline atomic CSS toolkit.


developer-1px/adorable-css: Rapid On-Demand Atomic CSS Framework

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ♥ AdorableCSS

mr-amirka/minimalist-notation: The CSS killer framework

UltraCakeBakery/CSSified-HTML: A Javascript library and vite-plugin that adds a bunch of new exciting CSS related elements and attributes to your HTML.

ravenbrightdesign/ravenbrightcss: Modern, zero-config & style agnostic CSS library with utility classes, reusable design tokens, minimal components & built-in dark mode to help you build static sites faster without hassle

Ravenbright CSS library-style agnostic library with utility classes & reusable design tokens

Skeleton — UI Toolkit for Svelte + Tailwind

Support emitting preprocessed .svelte files · Issue #475 · sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte

temp-s-p-u - npm