Forth (programming language) - Wikipedia

Charles H. Moore - Wikipedia

GreenArrays, Inc.

Chuck Moore: Geek of the Week - Simple Talk

Chuck Moore’s Wonderful colorForth Programming Language and Operating System

Howerd/colorForth: colorForth running in Bochs for Windows

AshleyF/Color: Fun playing around with colorForth and GreenArrays architecture.

Forth 200x



ForthStar (Starring Forth) / starred

Forth Interest Group Home Page

Public Domain Forths

Publications - Bradford J. Rodriguez

Forth Information on Taygeta, Taygeta Scientific Inc.

SwiftForth IDE for Windows, Linux, macOS

: VFX forth ;


Index of /forth/gforth

Gforth Manual

The iForth FAQ


CCurl/cccForth: A minimalistic Forth VM for the PC And development boards

Forth Lessons - OLPC

bfox9900/CAMEL99: Camel Forth for the TI-99

J1a SwapForth built with IceStorm

jamesbowman/swapforth: Swapforth is a cross-platform ANS Forth

jamesbowman/j1: The J1 CPU

Forth Tutorials

albertvanderhorst/ciforth: A generic system for creating i86 implementations of the language Forth.

albertvanderhorst/yourforth: This is yourforth an educational Forth in Intel assembler, with exercises.


Albert Nijhof ‘s Home Page, index

noForth documentation

crcx/retroforth: This is a read-only mirror of the Fossil repository, made available via Git for your convenience.

skilldrick/easyforth: Learn Forth!

pForth - portable Forth in ‘C’

What others have to say about 4tH

A Start With Forth - many chapters here and as eBook and Print Book [Forth-eV Wiki]

Dive into Forth, part 2 • JeeLabs

Dive into Forth, part 3 • JeeLabs

Index of /misc/pentium-switch

The Heart of Forth

Stacks and Data Space

Simple Forth

Stack Computers: Foreword

Thinking Forth

Conditional - IF…THEN Statements

Forth implemented in C/C++



Fourmilab/atlast: Atlast is a FORTH-like threaded language, implemented in standard C, which can either be used stand-alone or embedded in applications to make them programmable and open to extension by users. Floating point, C-like strings, and C/Unix-like file I/O are supported.

pete/pez: Pez is a Forth dialect based on Atlast, with expanded capabilities and more portability.

muforth: a simple ITC Forth – muforth

nimblemachines/muforth: A simple, indirect-threaded Forth, written in C; for target compiling; runs on Linux, BSD, OSX, and Cygwin

fdamador/eForth: eForth port from C to Go based on Dr. C. H. Ting ceForth virtual machine

eForth - a small Forth Implementation by C.-H. Ting [Forth-eV Wiki]

skx/foth: Tutorial-style FORTH implementation written in golang

A fun and fairly simple project, with a surprisingly high ratio of usefullness t… | Hacker News

cmFORTH/cmforth.fth at combined · ForthHub/cmFORTH

jonesforth/jonesforth.f at master · nornagon/jonesforth

jonesforth/jonesforth.S at master · nornagon/jonesforth

cxxforth/ at master · kristopherjohnson/cxxforth

Write Yourself a Forth

Zig Comptime Forth

Zig Comptime Forth

nsmryan/zzforth: A (WIP) reimplementation of zForth in Zig

zevv/zForth: zForth: tiny, embeddable, flexible, compact Forth scripting language for embedded systems

yurapyon/untyped: zig forth

dannypsnl/zf4: A forth written in zig


Using Zig comptime for conceptual dryness - Luca Bolognese

Ricardo Forth - WebAssembly Edition

marianoguerra/ricardo-forth: Forth dialect implemented in C, Javascript, WebAssembly and compiled from C to asm.js and WebAssembly.

stefano/wasm-forth: A Forth implementation compiling to WebAssembly.

SupernaviX/forsm: A standalone Forth interpreter/compiler for WebAssembly.

remko/waforth: Bootstrapping dynamic Forth Interpreter/Compiler for WebAssembly



Concatenative Biology – scidata

Comp.compilers: Avoiding Branch Misprediction in Virtual Machine (VM) Portably

3 Dispatch Techniques

Threaded code - Wikipedia

(283) Law – Unreleased Jungle Selection - YouTube

forth-ev/VolksForth: volksFORTH is a 16bit Forth System maintained by the German Forth Gesellschaft e.V.

Jupiter Ace - Wikipedia

Forth Research at Institut für Computersprachen

Interpreter Research at Institut für Computersprachen

R-Sharp download |

ramenengine/RamenEngine: A game engine written in SwiftForth.

8th - One Effort, Multiple Platforms

OMeta - Wikipedia

Ground Breaking Languages

civboot/fngi: a readable language that grows from the silicone

RauliL/plorth: Embeddable Forth inspired scripting language

udexon/Phoshell: Phoshell: a Forth inspired, extremely lightweight, stack machine shell, implementable in ALL known programming languages.

udexon/SymForth: SymForth is SymEngine with Forth wrapper, a.k.a. Phoscript – a fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++, now with Reverse Polish Notation support.

symengine/symengine: SymEngine is a fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++

Learn a language by writing too many Forths

Post-apocalyptic programming

umbrella/packages/pointfree at develop · thi-ng/umbrella · GitHub

umbrella/packages/pointfree-lang at develop · thi-ng/umbrella · GitHub

thi-ng/charlie: TypeScript based Forth-like VM w/ online REPL and extensive kernel (incl. WebGL/WebAudio support)

thi-ng/synstack: Modular soft synth & Forth based VM for audio DSL experiments aimed at embedded devices


Forth Haiku Salon