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vitejs/awesome-vite: ⚡️ A curated list of awesome things related to Vite.js

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antfu/vite-plugin-pwa: Zero-config PWA for Vite

Data Fetching | vite-plugin-ssr

antfu/vite-ssg: Static site generation for Vue 3 on Vite

IndexXuan/vite-plugin-mpa: MPA(multi page application) for vite.

amrbashir/vite-plugin-tauri: Integrate Tauri in a Vite project to build cross-platform apps.

nshen/vite-plugin-wasm-pack: 🦀 Vite plugin for rust wasm-pack

mathe42/vite-plugin-comlink: Use WebWorkers in Vite with comlink!

activeguild/vite-plugin-sass-dts: This is a plugin that automatically creates a type file when using the CSS module type-safely.

Vue 3+ | fastify-vite

preactjs/wmr: 👩‍🚀 The tiny all-in-one development tool for modern web apps.

dsegovia90 (Daniel Segovia) / Repositories


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antfu (Anthony Fu)

Projects - Anthony Fu

hannoeru/vite-plugin-pages: File system based route generator for ⚡️Vite

Use Take Over Mode instead of TS Plugin · Discussion #471 · johnsoncodehk/volar

mathe42 (Sebastian Krüger)

mathe42/vite-plugin-comlink: Use WebWorkers in Vite with comlink!

divriots/browser-vite: Vite in the browser.

Vite in the browser - ‹div›RIOTS

simba-l1yxwurz by @remarkable-visitor-mg602 - | Figma Community | Figma Community

Vike: Build Your Own Framework

ViteConf - YouTube

What’s new in Svelte: October 2022

kit-docs/packages/kit-docs/src/node/markdown-plugin at pr/67 · svelteness/kit-docs · GitHub

svelteness/kit-docs: Documentation integration for SvelteKit.

Getting Started: Introduction | KitDocs

dansvel/vite-plugin-markdown: A plugin for importing markdown files in Vite

hmsk/vite-plugin-markdown: A vite plugin to import a Markdown file in various formats like Front Matter, HTML, ToC, and React/Vue Component

antfu/vitesse-webext: ⚡️ WebExtension Vite Starter Template

cyco130/vavite: Develop server-side applications with Vite


README | Compiiile

AlbanCrepel/compiiile: The most convenient way to render a folder containing markdown files. Previewing and searching markdown files has never been that easy.

Vituum | Fast prototyping with template engines and integrated frontend tools

vituum/vituum: ⚡⚙️ Fast prototyping with template engines and integrated frontend tools. Vituum is a small wrapper around Vite.

vessel-js/vessel: (WIP) Framework-agnostic tool for building & deploying fast apps/docs. Powered by Vite & Vercel.

Getting Started

sanyuan0704/island.js: 📝 Vite & MDX powered static site generator. Base on islands architecture

Getting Started · îles

ElMassimo/iles: 🏝 The joyful site generator

Extending the Default Theme | VitePress

vuejs/vitepress: Vite & Vue powered static site generator.