Clojure Graphics

Quil: animation in Clojure

Clojure2D/clojure2d: Java2D wrapper + creative coding supporting functions (based on Processing and openFrameworks)

cassiel/threejs-figwheel-main: THREE.js example coded in ClojureScript

DougHamil/threeagent: ClojureScript library for building Three.js apps in a reagent-like fashion

asakeron/cljs-webgl: WebGL binding to ClojureScript

kovasb/gamma: glsl shaders made simple

Rovanion/webgl-clojurescript-tutorial: Guide through the basics of setting up a ClojureScript program with and Figwheel to interactively program WebGL.


C2: Clojure(Script) data visualization

lynaghk/c2: Declarative data visualization in Clojure(Script).

metasoarous/oz: Data visualizations in Clojure and ClojureScript using Vega and Vega-lite

dribnet/strokes: Let’s pretend d3 was written in ClojureScript.

Learn Clojure with Shapes.cljs

mhuebert/maria: A ClojureScript coding environment for beginners.

pluvial/bauble: a playground for making 3D art with lisp and math

pluvial/bauble.svelte: Svelte port of

squint-cljs/cherry: Experimental ClojureScript to ES6 module compiler

squint-cljs/squint: ClojureScript syntax to JavaScript compiler