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How to Learn Nix | Hacker News

How to Learn Nix

Nixpacks takes a source directory and produces an OCI compliant image | Hacker News

nlewo/nix2container: An archive-less dockerTools.buildImage implementation

Getting Started | Nixpacks

railwayapp/nixpacks: App source + Nix packages + Docker = Image

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Marketing Cygnus Support – Free Software history

Gash: Guile as Shell - Summary [Savannah]

Stage0 Bootstrap for the Free Software - Summary [Savannah]

Mes - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

oriansj/M2-Planet: The PLAtform NEutral Transpiler


Guix Workflow Language | Guix Workflow Language

Guix-HPC — Reproducible software deployment for high-performance computing.

Page 1 — Blog — GNU Guix

Videos — GNU Guix

Download latest — GNU Guix

Group:Guix - LibrePlanet

Top (GNU Guix Cookbook)

Managing Software the Guix Way (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Building from Git (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Binary Installation (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Substitute Server Authorization (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Derivations (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Invoking guix archive (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Application Setup (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Build Environment Setup (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Installing Guix in a VM (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Build Phases (GNU Guix Reference Manual)

Hacking anything with GNU Guix - Grasping gexps

Haunt — dthompson

Guix for development — dthompson

palfrey/guix-vm: Scripts and support necessary to make a GuixSD Virtualbox image

guix-vm/packer at main · palfrey/guix-vm

Declarative and Minimalistic Computing - TIB AV-Portal

Introduction (Geiser User Manual)

DebianUnstable - Debian Wiki

Machinic Desire (Nick Land Excerpts) | The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts

Tutorial Introduction to Guile

Debian – Debian Mirrors (worldwide)

Cachix - Nix binary cache hosting

Welcome to — documentation

Fast, Declarative, Reproducible, and Composable Developer Environments - devenv

oriansj/stage0: A set of minimal dependency bootstrap binaries