Intermediate Representations

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QBE - Compiler Backend

QBE Intermediate Language

vnmakarov/mir: A lightweight JIT compiler based on MIR (Medium Internal Representation) and C11 JIT compiler and interpreter based on MIR

robertmuth/Cwerg: A light-weight compiler for a low level language with a reusable backend

shinh/elvm: EsoLangVM Compiler Infrastructure

elvm/ at master · shinh/elvm · GitHub

lcompilers/libasr: The ASR (Abstract Semantic Representation), backends, optimizations and other tooling

wasmtime/cranelift/docs/ at main · bytecodealliance/wasmtime · GitHub

rfcs/accepted/ at main · bytecodealliance/rfcs · GitHub

E-graph - Wikipedia

Introduction - Bril: A Compiler Intermediate Representation for Learning

sampsyo/bril: an educational compiler intermediate representation

Nanopass Framework

nanopass/nanopass-framework-scheme: The new nanopass framework; an embedded DSL for writing compilers in Scheme

nanopass/nanopass-framework-racket: nanopass compiler framework for Racket

(159) Andy Keep - Writing a Nanopass Compiler - YouTube

thinker227/NanopassSharp: A language-agnostic framework intended to reduce the amount of boilerplate when writing compilers.

Core dump - Wikipedia

Continuation-passing style - Wikipedia

Static single-assignment form - Wikipedia

A-normal form - Wikipedia