psykon/awesome-demoscene: A list of demoscene related tools, code and ressources.

anttihirvonen/demoscene-starter-kits: Want to start making demos but don’t know where to begin? Look no further!

Demotool screenshot gallery

prodlist :: pouë

Grafx2 2.00 final by Sunset Design & Shinra :: pouë

Multipaint :: pouë

Gargaj/Foxotron: General purpose model viewer

WUHU - Lightweight Party Management System

hg_sdf - Open source building blocks for computational design. Est. 2006 (TypeScript, Clojure, C, SideFX Houdini, Java)

mikolalysenko/conway-hart: A port of George Hart’s implementation/extension of Conway’s polyhedral notation to CommonJS

0b5vr/automaton: Animation engine for creative coding

Automaton Playground

TouchOSC |

TouchViZ |

DemoSystem - A simple demo framework :: pouë

nczeroshift/nctoolkit: Realtime graphics toolkit in C++ for experiments