Lua Dialects

lua-users wiki: Meta Lua

fab13n/metalua: The metalua programming language

richardhundt/shine: A Shiny Lua Dialect


edubart/nelua-lang: Minimal, efficient, statically-typed and meta-programmable systems programming language heavily inspired by Lua, which compiles to C and native code.


Getting Started

terralang/terra: Terra is a low-level system programming language that is embedded in and meta-programmed by the Lua programming language.

pallene/examples/sum_of_array at master · pallene-lang/pallene · GitHub

Luau - Luau

Roblox/luau: A fast, small, safe, gradually typed embeddable scripting language derived from Lua

teal-language/tl: The compiler for Teal, a typed dialect of Lua

Ravi Programming Language by ravilang

dibyendumajumdar/ravi: Ravi is a dialect of Lua, featuring limited optional static typing, JIT and AOT compilers

dibyendumajumdar/Suravi: Suravi is a small distribution of Ravi/Lua 5.3 with batteries such as cjson, lpeglabel, luasocket, penlight, torch7, luv, luaossl

andremm/typedlua: An Optional Type System for Lua

wu-lang/wu: 🐉 A practical game and data language

Jual | An embeddable JavaScript like engine

sajonoso/jual: An embeddable JavaScript like language

mingodad/ljs: Lua with C/C++/Java/Javascript syntax

mingodad/ljsjit: Luajit with C/C++/Java/Javascript syntax

mingodad/raptorjit-ljs: Applying ljs to raptorjit

raph-amiard/clojurescript-lua: Clojurescript running on lua ! In construction

gsou/LCL: Lua Common Lisp. An implementation of Common Lisp targeting Lua. - LCL -

leafo -

MoonScript, a language that compiles to Lua


Urn: A Lisp implementation for Lua | Urn

emilk/sol: Lua + Typesafety = Sol