WebAssembly Rust

Introduction - The wasm-bindgen Guide

Promises and Futures - The wasm-bindgen Guide

wasm_bindgen_futures - Rust

rustwasm/wasm-bindgen: Facilitating high-level interactions between Wasm modules and JavaScript

alexkehayias/woz: Woz is a progressive WebAssembly app (PWAA) generator for Rust.

Trunk | Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web

What is Yew? | Yew

yew/ at master 路 yewstack/yew


moxie, rust UI tools

Dioxus | An elegant GUI library for Rust

Lists - Dioxus Documentation

DioxusLabs/dioxus: Friendly React-like GUI library for desktop, web, mobile, and more.

DioxusLabs/example-projects: Featured Dioxus projects on how to build clean user interfaces in Rust

DioxusLabs/example-projects: Featured Dioxus projects on how to build clean user interfaces in Rust

sycamore-rs/sycamore: A reactive library for creating web apps in Rust and WebAssembly

framesurge/perseus: A state-driven web development framework for Rust with full support for server-side rendering and static generation.

chinedufn/percy: Build frontend browser apps with Rust + WebAssembly. Supports server side rendering.

MoonZoon/MoonZoon: Rust Fullstack Framework

Pauan/rust-dominator: Zero-cost ultra-high-performance declarative DOM library using FRP signals for Rust!

schell/mogwai: The minimalist, obvious, graphical, web application interface

emmanuelantony2000/valerie: Rust front-end framework for building web apps

fitzgen/dodrio: A fast, bump-allocated virtual DOM library for Rust and WebAssembly.

fitzgen (fitzgen) / Repositories

bytecodealliance/wizer: The WebAssembly Pre-Initializer

Hit the Ground Running: Wasm Snapshots for Fast Start Up

paritytech/parity-wasm: WebAssembly serialization/deserialization in rust

chris-morgan (chris-morgan) / Repositories

ivanceras/sauron: A versatile web framework and library for building client-side and server-side web applications

ivanceras (ivanceras) / Repositories

ivanceras/ultron: Web base text editor written in rust

ivanceras/madnotes: Interactive notebooks for the mad scientist that you are!

Jovansonlee Cesar

Svgbob editor

tangramdotdev/sunfish: Build web applications in Rust in the style of Next.js, Nuxt.js, or SvelteKit.

tangramdotdev/pinwheel: Pinwheel is a library for writing web user interfaces with Rust.

lencx (lencx)

lencx/create-xc-app: 鈿★笍 Create a project in seconds!

rwasm/learn-wasm: 馃幉 Learning WebAssembly

Wasm 馃挅 Rust

Using console.log - The wasm-bindgen Guide

Implementing Life - Rust and WebAssembly

wasm-bindgen/crates at main 路 rustwasm/wasm-bindgen

wasm-bindgen/crates/web-sys at main 路 rustwasm/wasm-bindgen

wasm-bindgen/crates/webidl at main 路 rustwasm/wasm-bindgen

wasm-bindgen/ at main 路 rustwasm/wasm-bindgen


Rationale 路 Datomic/fressian Wiki

dtolnay/watt: Runtime for executing procedural macros as WebAssembly


rustwasm/walrus: Walrus is a WebAssembly transformation library 馃寠馃悩