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Building Zig From Source · ziglang/zig Wiki

How to build LLVM, libclang, and liblld from source · ziglang/zig Wiki

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GitHub - vrischmann/zig-sqlite: zig-sqlite is a small wrapper around sqlite’s C API, making it easier to use with Zig.

GitHub - leroycep/sqlite-zig

GitHub - lithdew/lmdb-zig: Lightweight, fully-featured, idiomatic cross-platform Zig bindings to Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB).

Compiler Explorer

RFC: Make function definitions expressions · Issue #1717 · ziglang/zig

Andrew Kelley

Handmade Seattle - Interviewer

Blog | Dion Systems

Metadesk v1.0 Release | Dion Systems

Dion Roadmap | Dion Systems

The How And Why Of Reinventing The Wheel (Introduction to Dion) | Dion Systems

Metadesk | Dion Systems


Dion Systems (@DionSystems) / Twitter

Welcome | Future of Coding

A Practical Guide to Applying Data-Oriented Design

The ZLD Linker

coilhq/tigerbeetle: A distributed financial accounting database designed for mission critical safety and performance to power the future of financial services.

Joran Dirk Greef on Twitter: “@uchiuchibeke @tobi @jack @TigerBeetleDB Here’s how @TigerBeetleDB uses Zig’s comptime to create a distributed database ‘type’ with swappable storage, messaging and business logic, and with the fuzz-tested consensus for these driven seamlessly by Viewstamped Replication:” / Twitter

tigerbeetle/main.zig at main · coilhq/tigerbeetle

kprotty (protty) / Repositories

kprotty/zig-adaptive-lock: Benchmarking a faster std.Mutex implementation for Zig

kprotty/zap: An asynchronous runtime with a focus on performance and resource efficiency.

kprotty/yaar: Yet Another Async Runtime (yaar) focused on forbid(unsafe) and scalability

kristoff-it/bork: A TUI chat client tailored for livecoding on Twitch.

michal-z (Michal Ziulek)

michal-z/zig-gamedev: Building game development ecosystem for @ziglang!

(5) zig gamedev project - virtual physics lab - YouTube

Avokadoen/gamejam-zig-vulkan: A game written in ~1 day using zig and vulkan

ashpil (Andrei Shpilenok) / Repositories

zenith391/zgt: Zig GUI Toolkit: Portable library for making native GUIs in Zig

xyaman/mibu: Pure Zig library for low-level terminal manipulation.

A challenger to the throne of vector graphics. SVG is dead, long live TinyVG! - Zig NEWS


tigerbeetle-node/node.zig at main · coilhq/tigerbeetle-node

omaraaa/VecFns: Automatic Vector Math Functions In Zig

mitchellh/zig-libgc: Zig-friendly library for interfacing with libgc (bdwgc) – the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector

MasterQ32/zig-qoi: Quite OK Image format encoder/decoder written in Zig

fubark/zig-v8: Simple V8 builds with C and Zig bindings.

mattnite/zig-zlib: compile zlib in your build.zig

mattnite/zig-libcurl: compile libcurl in your build.zig

Mini Pixel by Fabio Arnold

chwayne/rem: An HTML parsing library, written in Zig.

advent2021/ at main · cdwfs/advent2021

A Review of the Zig Programming Language (using Advent of Code 2021) :: Neil Henning

MasterQ32/ZTT: Precompiled Zig text template engine

Page not found · GitHub Pages

Playing the Open Source Game | Loris Cro’s Blog

(2) fabs(); (@raspofabs) / Twitter

hexops/mach: Mach is a game engine & graphics toolkit for the future.

hexops/mach-glfw: Ziggified GLFW bindings with 100% API coverage, zero-fuss installation, cross compilation, and more.

hexops/mach-glfw-vulkan-example: mach-glfw Vulkan example

hexops/zorex: Zorex: the omnipotent regex engine

Snektron/vulkan-zig: Vulkan binding generator for Zig

Snektron (Snektron) / Repositories


vrischmann/zig-sqlite: zig-sqlite is a small wrapper around sqlite’s C API, making it easier to use with Zig.

nektro (nektro) / Repositories

Zigmod Documentation | zigmod


Welcome to Lord of the io_uring — Lord of the io_uring documentation

xq’s home page

Luukdegram (Luuk de Gram)

(1) Zig ⚡ SHOWTIME (@zigshowtime) / Twitter

Zig monthly, January 2022: Lua bindings, stage2 work, gamedev, and tons of new libraries | Zig monthly

vrmiguel (Vinícius Miguel)

vrmiguel/buztd: lightweight and configurable process killer daemon for out-of-memory scenarios


JonSnowbd/ZT: A zig based Imgui Application framework

judofyr/minz: Minimal string compression

judofyr (Magnus Holm)

minz: Minimal string compression : Zig

hot code swapping · Issue #68 · ziglang/zig


sin-ack/zigself: An implementation of the Self programming language in Zig

(181) Father Christos - YouTube

See how GPU rasterizer works in slow motion (GTX 1660) : gamedev

zig-gamedev/samples/rasterization at main · michal-z/zig-gamedev

Fast, multi-platform, SIMD math library in Zig - Zig NEWS

zig-gamedev/samples/intro at main · michal-z/zig-gamedev

Guigui220D/zig-sfml-wrapper: A zig wrapper for csfml

regenerativep (Regen)

Zig JSON in 5 minutes : Zig

01.09.2022 - Zig/JSON in 5 minutes

Let’s build an Entity Component System from scratch (part 1) : Zig

Zig by Example

Want to create a TUI application? - The Basics of “Uncooked” Terminal IO - Zig NEWS

Analysis of the overhead of a minimal Zig program - Zig NEWS

evanwashere/napi.zig: tiny and fast napi bindings for zig

mitchellh/zig-libxml2: libxml2 built using Zig build system

hazeycode/zig-objcrt: Objective-C Runtime bindings for Zig

Finite-state machine - Wikipedia

cryptocode/zigfsm: A finite state machine library for Zig

tomhoule/zig-diff: Text diffing in zig


hmusgrave/zcirc: A dynamic circular buffer allocator for zig

ibokuri (ibokuri) / Repositories

getty-zig/getty: Serialization framework for Zig


fubark/cosmic: A general purpose runtime for Javascript/WASM.

kprotty/zap: An asynchronous runtime with a focus on performance and resource efficiency.

JonSnowbd/slingworks: Small to Medium scale 2d Game Engine for Zig

JonSnowbd/underburrow: A small platformer example for Slingworks & Zig

lithdew/rheia: A blockchain written in Zig.

Jack-Ji/ray-tracing-weekend.zig: Zig implementation of famous ray-tracing-in-a-weekend

How to use hash map contexts to save memory when doing a string table - Zig NEWS

marlersoft/zigwin32gen: Complete Autogenerated Zig bindings for Windows.

Crafting an Interpreter in Zig - part 1 - Zig NEWS

zig build explained - part 1 - Zig NEWS

(181) Runtime polymorphism: why, how? - Alex Naskos - YouTube

alexnask/interface.zig: Dynamic dispatch for zig made easy

Proposal: Pinned Structs · Issue #7769 · ziglang/zig

Learning About ELF With Zig - Zig NEWS

Zig NEWS ⚡

Cool Zig Patterns - Type Identifier - Zig NEWS

superjoe30 (u/superjoe30) - Reddit

Austin Rude’s Blog

Austin Rude’s Blog

How to contribute to Autodoc · ziglang/zig Wiki

ziglang/zig at autodocs-zir

Zig – Mitchell Hashimoto

(181) Zig Roadmap 2023 - Andrew Kelley - YouTube

So where is my stuff stored ? - Part 1 - Zig NEWS

hazeycode/brucelib: A monorepo of modules for programming cross-platform, interactive, real-time applications such as games, simulations, engines and editors.


Statistics - Aquila

Zig Package Aggregator - Zig NEWS

batiati/mustache-zig: Logic-less templates for Zig

Zig – Mitchell Hashimoto

dundalek/notcurses-zig-example: Demo showing how to use Notcurses library for building terminal UIs with Zig



cryptocode/marble: A metamorphic testing library for Zig

saltzm/async_io_uring: An event loop in Zig using io_uring and coroutines

giann/buzz: 👨‍🚀 buzz, A small/lightweight typed scripting language (in development)

ZigEmbeddedGroup/microzig: Unified abstraction layer and HAL for several microcontrollers

ZigEmbeddedGroup/regz: Generate zig code from ATDF or SVD files for microcontrollers.

paoda/zba: My first attempt at a Gameboy Advance Emulator - zba - Rekai’s Gitea Instance

SnowballSH/Avalanche: UCI Chess Engine written in Zig.


mach/gpu: the gpu.Interface for Zig | Mach engine - game engine & graphics toolkit for the future

hexops/mach: Mach is a game engine & graphics toolkit for the future.

(170) ZEK: Take Roam-like Notes in a Line Editor, Written in Zig - YouTube


(172) Zig ⚡ SHOWTIME #29: Don’t Rewrite, Reinvent! - YouTube

(181) Richard Feldman Interview at Handmade Seattle - YouTube

Zig monthly, April 2022: OS interop, Graphics, WebAssembly, Talks, Wren language & more - Zig NEWS

hazeycode/brucelib: A monorepo of modules for programming cross-platform, interactive, real-time applications such as games, simulations, engines and editors.

Let’s build an Entity Component System (part 2): databases | Hexops’ devlog

ziglang/zig-pypi: The Zig programming language, packaged for PyPI

jart/bestline: ANSI Standard X3.64 Teletypewriter Command Session Library

Zig + Homebrew

linuxy/coyote-ecs: A fast and simple zig native ECS.

linkpy/neolang: Programming language made in Zig.

SanderMertens/flecs: A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++


michaelo/daya: Text based graphing service

zig-gamedev/libs/zpool at main · michal-z/zig-gamedev

MasterQ32/ZTT: Precompiled Zig text template engine

peter-winter/ctpg: Compile Time Parser Generator is a C++ single header library which takes a language description as a C++ code and turns it into a LR1 table parser with a deterministic finite automaton lexical analyzer, all in compile time.

ziglings/exercises at main · ratfactor/ziglings

Zigtastic Async | gweej

(2) Andrew Kelley (@andy_kelley) / Twitter

Zig Talks Day

dvmason/Zag-Smalltalk: Smalltalk VM Written in Zig with methods stored as type-annotated ASTs

Zag-Smalltalk/ at main · dvmason/Zag-Smalltalk

ziglang/universal-headers: A set of C headers (.h files) that are compatible with widely used libcs for various targets.

Zig Live Coding ⚡ Introducing the Universal Headers Project on Vimeo

Zig Blockly with NuttX Code

lupyuen/visual-zig-nuttx: Visual Programming for Zig with NuttX Sensors

Zig Build - Gamedev Guide

FnControlOption/zig-crystal-ast: Crystal AST implemented in Zig (WIP)

~nmichaels/iterators - sourcehut hg

~nmichaels/iterators - sourcehut hg

wolfpld/tracy: C++ frame profiler

SpexGuy/Zig-Tracy: Zig language bindings for the incredible Tracy profiler

nektro/zig-tracy: Zig bindings for the Tracy profiler.

(3) Rendering Slideshows with 16 000 FPS - Rene Schallner - Software You Can Love 2022 - YouTube


Systems Distributed

andrewrok - Twitch

Hot-code reloading on macOS/arm64 with Zig


zigtools/playground: zls but wasm and it’s in the browser 🤯🤯🤯

Zig+ZLS Playground

DNNs from Scratch in Zig

Writing a SQL database, take two: Zig and RocksDB |

Package Manager MVP by andrewrk · Pull Request #14265 · ziglang/zig

An intro to Zig’s integer casting for C programmers | Lager