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GitHub - tuhdo/os01: Bootstrap yourself to write an OS from scratch. A book for self-learner.

Bona Fide OS Developer - learn to write your own operating system from scratch

Joe Duffy - Blogging about Midori

Singularity - Microsoft Research

Singularity: Rethinking the Software Stack - Microsoft Research


FreeBSD Handbook

FreeBSD Developers’ Handbook

FreeBSD Architecture Handbook

The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System

The NetBSD Guide

NetBSD Internals

GitHub - apple/darwin-xnu: The Darwin Kernel (mirror). This repository is a pure mirror and contributions are currently not accepted via pull-requests, please submit your contributions via

GitHub - PureDarwin/PureDarwin: Darwin is the Open Source operating system from Apple that forms the basis for OS X, and PureDarwin is a community project to make Darwin more usable. See the Wiki for more information.



Rust OSDev


Writing an OS in Rust

A Freestanding Rust Binary

Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS - Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS

The RustyHermit Unikernel






toy operating system - Google Search

CS 140: Operating Systems

Operating System Engineering | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare

CS161: Operating Systems (Spring 2016)

CS:APP3e, Bryant and O’Hallaron

CS162 — Spring 2016

Operating Systems I

15-410, Operating System Design and Implementation

CS261: Research Topics in Operating Systems (Fall 2014)

AROS Research Operating System

Operating Systems - IBM

MIT CSAIL Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems

Operating System Tutorial

Course: CS401: Operating Systems

Learn Operating systems - from the best tutorials and online courses | Codesters - hub to learn programming

Operating System Tutorial | Studytonight

Operating Systems Tutorials |

Projects - OSDev Wiki

The AcadOS Operating System

l4ka/pistachio: L4Ka::Pistachio micro-kernel


6.828 / Fall 2014

Operating Systems

Computer System Engineering | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare

cs4414: Operating Systems

A short introduction to operating systems

Bran’s Kernel Development Tutorial: Printing to screen

The little book about OS development

Operating Systems Development Series

Interrupt Service Routines - OSDev Wiki

Backbone of the OS and C++ runtime · How to make an Operating System

6.828 / Fall 2017

Virtual Connection over UDP | Gaffer On Games

operating system - OpenCourser

Coursera | Online Courses From Top Universities. Join for Free

6.828 / Fall 2016


Distributions - illumos


About HelenOS

Harvey OS

Minoca OS

Product | Minoca OS

Haiku Project


KolibriOS official site

Apache NuttX

The L4 microkernel family

Home | seL4

GitHub - seL4/seL4: The seL4 microkernel

GitHub - seL4/l4v: seL4 specification and proofs

GitHub - f9micro/f9-kernel: An efficient and secure microkernel built for ARM Cortex-M cores, inspired by L4


Genode - Genode Operating System Framework

GitHub - genodelabs/genode: Genode OS Framework

Sculpt OS version 21.10

GitHub - tomaka/redshirt: 🧑‍🔬 Operating system

GitHub - nebulet/nebulet: A proof-of-concept microkernel that implements a WebAssembly “usermode” that runs in Ring 0.